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By stewyburger ·
i just got a new job network administrator i need to rest the password the administrator be for me left . i can not get in i need help please

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Ask the old administrator

by maxwell edison In reply to hello

And how do we know that your motives are not sinister? How do we know that your not just "some user" who wants to snoop?

Personally speaking, color me skeptical. If you really were hired as a new network administrator, you could answer your own question.

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An Administrator?

by david.canepa In reply to Ask the old administrator

You Bet. I am a suspicious one myself. Being a security freak I wouldn't advise this guy unless I knew he was valid. Good Call

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I have to wonder. . .

by maxwell edison In reply to An Administrator?

. many of these password type inquiries are legitimate.

Heck, if I were a new administrator, and the old one didn't leave the necessary passwords, I'd have to wonder what else was in the system that I didn't know. In that case, it's reformat, reload, and reconfigure - no questions about it.

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Rest you only ask them to the old network administrator

by jorge In reply to Ask the old administrator

I agree with Maxwell, if someone delegated to you the responsability for a network administration,should also ggave you a valid admin password. Or something is wrong. In a better situation should the old net admin has died and the password was not previously saved on the company?s direction hands? This is quite common, but no convencional situation.

Then try to clear the situation inside your new company.

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Should know

by Black Panther In reply to hello

Administrator and root passwords are not meant to be easy to change ( as most Administrator's know ) -- If they were they would defeat their own purpose.

It did happen to me in a previous job and short of reloading etc the best way is to try and find it out by asking the previous person or the Support agents ( if they know? )

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