Hello everyone.I m in need

By ashu_305 ·
our assignment is to download a software ,edit its code ,and make some changes to it .I need to submit it as soon as possible(within 3 days).Plese someone post ans telling how to edit software code.......

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Here you go ! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Hello everyone.I m in nee ...
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humm wonder what class has students download

by CG IT In reply to Here you go ! ...

software code, modify it without having taught know how to modify it.

Maybe this is someone not following along in class...

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Maybe ? Maybe ?? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to humm wonder what class ha ...

Methinks you are being lenient.

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Well.... Go for the gold!

by ---TK--- In reply to Hello everyone.I m in nee ... grab the latest and greats kernel and mod it... Since you can get the src code, and leagally modify it... Just rembember to resubmit your changes :) best of luck!

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Well.... Go for the gold!

by PoppaTab In reply to Well.... Go for the gold!

LOL like the reply!

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by SKDTech In reply to Hello everyone.I m in nee ...

If you are not in possession of the basic skills or tools to do it nor the inclination to research and obtain them then maybe you should consider a different career path. At the least you should consider Computer Programming 101 before going any further in this class.

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Perhaps you should have considered turning up

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Hello everyone.I m in nee ...

to class. Or possibly realised that you weren't on a HR course.

Too late matey, 0/10 failed, goood 'bleedin' bye.

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Download the Enterprise Version of

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Hello everyone.I m in nee ...

Windows 7 Available for IT pros here

And crack the 90 Limit on it. Well edit out the 90 Day limit. But make sure to boast about doing this to M$ themselves to show them just how badly coded their new OS is as a kid who knows nothing can defeat it. Make sure to give M$ your Full Details as they will be so pleased that they will want to come visit you and have a very long talk to you they may even try to employ you.

Also after you submit it make your changed code available on the Net through your Favorite Torrent Download just to prove that you actually managed to do it.


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