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    Hello, i have a laptop problem!!!


    by icequeenxd ·

    My laptop has 2 problems, it beeps 2 times when it turns on and trhen stays on without me seeing anything on the screen or loading anything else. The second thing is its charges for 2 and 50 seconds then stops just shuts off and i want to deal with this fast as i can. and when it was working it smelled wierd it made me kinda ill. i think its a Two Beeps POST/CMOS Error. but how can i fix it i really don’t know what to do. If someone can help me i be so thankful cause i m really lost on how to fix this problem.

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      by icequeenxd ·

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      by icequeenxd ·

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      charges as in stop charging not turn off the computer stays on even when the charger turns off

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      re: laptop problem

      by thumbsup2 ·

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      Take it to the repair service. Two beeps on boot indicate a hardware failure. AND, if you’re smelling something, it may be ready to catch on fire.

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        well it smelled like some battery leaking

        by icequeenxd ·

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        well it smelled like come battery leaking or heating up and it would heat up bad then turned off stayed on for anymore the half a hour to a hour.
        if u have anymore info that be great.
        and the smell was really making me sick and dizzy.

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      More Details

      by rickrbyrne ·

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      Could we get some more details?? The model would be great, because when troubleshooting laptops knowing which model it is helps a great Deal. Have you tried taking the memory out of the system to see if it would boot, or if the Beep Changes. Also if you have two memory sticks you could take out one and leave the other in and do the reverse for the other memory stick. Also when the computer does beep, do you see any light pattern with the num lock, cap lock, or scroll lock, sometimes laptop makers will use this lights as a diag tool as well. Anyways just some things to try, but if you could provide the Model and maker of the laptop I could provide more help.

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        by icequeenxd ·

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        its a Campaq laptop there only one sticvk of memory i never put more in.

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