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By danbradford666 ·
I Have lost my website during FTP, a lot has dissappeared. If i used system restore would it bring them back? If it won't can you tell me how I might get them back.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to HELP!

I don't think that System Restore will restore a website. I would be amazed if it did. System Restore really only handles Windows system files, the REgistry, drivers, etc.
So, you are gonna need an undelete program. Here is one:

There is a free demo copy that will undelete files 64K and smaller. If the file is larger, the demo copy won't undelete it. But you could buy the program if it works, and undelete the rest of the site.

The only other thing I want to suggest is to NOT use the XP computer until you get the files undeleted. You see, the FAT table markers are deleted for the files, but the files are not physically deleted when you delete something. This is how the undelete programs work. They check the disk for "deleted" files, and displays the ones they can restore. The more you use the computer, the more chance that the disk sectors that the files are physically copied onto will be over-written with new data. So be careful.

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by Reles In reply to HELP!

Well definetly System Restore doesnt back up you information only your pc settings so the answer from start is no and to the fact on getting them back well thats even more tricky that i expected cause you dont specify you partition type if your on a FAT/FAT32 you could try undelete (yes the undelete of Microsoft MsDos 6.2) from a bootable floppy and that you haven booted up your xp machine cause when you do it logs EVERYTHING if you havent unset the logging services

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by wlbowers In reply to HELP!

If I read this right you have a website that is being hosted somewhere. Now during a FTP connection you lost a lot of your files. And you don't have a backup.

You should contact the technical support department for the hosting company and ask if they can do something. If the space you are using is shared there is a good chance that it has been overwritten.

Good Luck Lee

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