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By madroxxx ·
O.K. I have a big project comming down the pipe and I want to see it through as smooth as possible.

We are moving from Imail(imap/pop) to MS Exchange.
My first concern is that I will need to setup all my locations with a VPN. Then I need to create all users on our domain. My big concern is how do I make a smooth transition when all my users already are set for one mail service? I have people in 7 locations across the country. It will be tough to get them all converted over a weekend or whatnot.

Please any advice would help.

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When I migrated

by LordInfidel In reply to Help!

I did it in stages.

The first and foremost is to get everyone's e-mail clients converted over to outlook.

This should be done prior to the actual migration.

Once their e-mail clients are outlook, it is just a matter of reconfiguring their client for corporate/workgroup. And having them import their pst file into their exchange mailbox.

Are the people in the 7 locations, differnt offices with dedicated connections, or are they road warriors (individiuals who do not have dedicated connections).

If they are offices with dedicated connections, I would do firewall to firewall vpn tunnel. That is the easiest way to get entire networks connected.

Also, get yourself a seperate box (NT4 srvr with option pack). This part will save you some headaches when the vpn is down. And that is to create a OWA server, which is basically web-mail.
Don't forget to create your self as a CA, generate a bogus cert, and force all connections over https.

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by madroxxx In reply to When I migrated

I am fortunate that we use outlook everywhere already. The 7 locations all connect with DSL. Our road warriors use dial up networking for RAS. The plan on the remote office is to connect them with cisco pix boxes and a vpn tunnel.

"Don't forget to create your self as a CA, generate a bogus cert, and force all connections over https."

This part I am a bit fuzzy about but I can do some research.

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