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    by andrewjameschalmers ·

    I feel like my life is slipping though my fingers. I am desperately trying to get into the IT Industry but no one will give me a change at a job. I have an A level in IT, and doing a HNC night course in IT. But the job front is increasingly frustrating because I need a job where by I can train as well as work…. Any advice????

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      by xpertdragon ·

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      As everyone knows the I.T job market is not in the best standing right now, and especially yield very little opportunity for the beginners attempting to get in the front door.

      My advice to you would be to to talk to all those close to you in I.T. about their job duties, their goals, and their background education….I am referring to friends, family members or relatives. Second, as an alternative seek out the professionals that work in the positions that you want to work in, or feel that you would be good in. Interview these people….ensure them that you are seeking information only, and not a job interview (yes, this scam to talk to hiring managers for job opportunities is done to death.)

      The direct, action advice I would give to you is to seek a position at your class location, or community college, or training center. Exactly what do you mean by “A level in IT”? It sounds like you need to take the smaller steps at first to achieve your goals….More than ever the IT work and experience process is an INCREMENTAL process. You can obtain a job in a computer lab, or retail computer environment with little to no experience with the right initiative.

      Best of Luck!

      Paul M. Chavez

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      by maxwell edison ·

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      You said, No one will GIVE YOU a chance at a job”.

      You’ve got it backwards.

      You need to let a potential employer know what it is you can give him.

      Then you’ll get a job.

      Good luck,


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      by smmurphy ·

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      Check with your school employment assistance/placement office (most accredited schools have them) for internships available. It will give you a chance to get some real world training as well as get your face in front of the hiring manager. We hire almost 2/3 of our IS/IS staff from internships.

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      by zlitocook ·

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      You sound like alot of my class mates, they were looking to start out at $20 bucks an hour. But now days you need to start at bestbuy or compusa at $9 or so bucks an hour. Because IT is slow after the 9-11 attack and before that the internet slow down. Things will slowly pick up but you need to keep your foot in and work in your field. I know retail sounds bad but you can pick up alot of networking friends there. The computer field is about to explode and if you are in the right place you couldbe any thing you want!

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      by mloriordan ·

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      If it is any consolation, it does not change much as you progress, whatever your industry. I started in electronics, moved into sound & video then into international relief work and finally back into IT management.
      Each transition was a challenge. As one of your answers above states, you need to sell yourself. Look at your resume, or CV. Particularly in IT, they need something that catches the eye. On the first page, state what you bring with you that the company might like – in this case, stress areas you are strong at.

      Also place a section called Objective – not often used in European CVs, in which you state what you are looking for. Something like ‘A position where I can bring my knowlegde and skills, yet allows me the chance to learn’ mifght help. If you are starting out, it can help to get someone to look at your resume before sending it.

      Good luck in the hunt.


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      by andrewjameschalmers ·

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