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    by tsurko ·

    I Have an Acorp 6ZX Main Bord. I have bought a Katmai 500 (100MHz FSB). When I work with it under WinXP or Win2k my PC generates error – blue screen with the following text:
    Hardware Malfunction
    The Hardware is not working properly!
    System Halted
    When I work under Win98SE there are no problems. In my MB’s manual writes that it supports PIII 533. I have 128 Mb Ram (PC100), SB Live! Value and S3 Savage4 8Mb. What is the problem?

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      by dmiles ·

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      Check Device manager for IRQ conflicts,then you may want to use another graphics board to see if it works
      SB Live and S3 Savage4 are not playing togeather,download sblw9x.exe

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