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    HELP!!!!!!!!! 2003 AD/DNS with dyndns


    by chrisnett ·

    Hello please help,

    I have created a dyndns account; I have 2003 server with currently 2PCs and a laptop with my home network. I would like to have AD setup on my server to authenticate users when they log on. I have a Linksys router that support dyndns. I have it set up and working, I have remote desktop just fine, however I?m lost with what to config in order to use the 2003 for an AD/DNS and file server. Please let me know what additional info you need from me in order to help me better understand how to set this up.
    Thanks in advanced.

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      by chrisnett ·

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      What are trying to do?

      by multiplexed ·

      In reply to HELP!!!!!!!!! 2003 AD/DNS with dyndns

      What are you trying to do? If you’re trying to set up AD for authenticating machines on the local lan, then run dcpromo from the run box. If you’re trying to set up remote access, such as vpn, then try the RRAS (Routing and remote acccess)

      Again, please clarify what you’re trying to do. Also, technet on microsoft’s website may be usefull.

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        What I’m trying to do?

        by chrisnett ·

        In reply to What are trying to do?

        I wish to have users authenticated by AD as they log in, also set it up for file and print sharing. The remote access would be nice as well. You stated to run dcpromo from the CLI, but from which machine and what will this command do?

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      if you have to ask……..

      by cg it ·

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      then you don’t know Active Directory.

      The best suggestion would be to get some books on it and learn it. There isn’t enough room to post what to do and why to do it.

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      Perhaps some MCSE training courses are in order for you

      by why me worry? ·

      In reply to HELP!!!!!!!!! 2003 AD/DNS with dyndns

      There is way too much technology to discuss on here to fully explain how AD and DNS work together.

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        I know.

        by chrisnett ·

        In reply to Perhaps some MCSE training courses are in order for you

        I understand that. But my only question is, why do I get disconnected from the router (Linksys) when I disable DHCP?

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          probably because

          by cg it ·

          In reply to I know.

          you don’t have DHCP running on the W2003 Server.

          Question is why did you turn it off. I didn’t see anything about DHCP in your questions/posts.

          if you disable DHCP on the linksys router, clients behind the router can not get an address, default gateway and DNS information because there is no server to give them that information.

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          by chrisnett ·

          In reply to probably because

          I do have installed on my 2003 server. WHat I would like to accomplish, is the following.

          1. Authenticate users as they log on.
          2. File & print server.
          3. And have the server dish out IP address. I was told by other members of this site, that in order for to have user authenticated with the AD, I must allow the server to handle IP and not the router. This didnt make much since to me with repect to having the router or server handle the IPs. But either case I cant get it to work.


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          by aaron.stevenson ·

          In reply to DHCP

          OK, I’ve read this entire thread and I think I know what you want to do…
          I assume your trying to figure out how to log into your local domain controller using the provided DynDNS hostname from outside your LAN…? I have succeeded in doing this by adding the VPN on my Win2k3, creating a “network place” on the clients and logging in by using the “log on using dial up connection” It works like a charm, I like to call it the poor man’s domain.
          btw, your server does not need DHCP for this to work, your router can do the DHCP but you need to add your server’s static IP as the primary DNS in the router config and have your DNS server’s forwarders pointing to your ISP’s DNS for internet resolution.

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