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    i have an emachine it got a virus i ran the recovery cd’s i put all the disks thru and now it won’t go past the nameing of the computer it just freezes at the spot and won’t let me go any further or go back

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      by budman12172006 ·

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      recovery partition

      by loonit ·

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      Many of those prefab computer companies create what they call a recovery partition. This recovery partition could have been affected, or infected by whatever it is that happened before you decided to reformat. My suggestion would be to delete all existing partitions, granted you don’t mind loosing all the information that is on your drive, and reload windows from scratch. You will have to use an actual windows xp cd, and not your OEM recovery disk.

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      Before you load on your recovery disks, you need to..

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      Do a complete wipe of your drive(s). Download Spotmau here:
      It will cost you, but it has a lot of things such as it’s own burner because you will have to burn it to a disk before you can use it, but when done you will have one hell of a powerful tool. Or get a free version of kill disk:
      Once done (with either software) you can then load on your restore disks.

      Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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