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    by mpellegrin ·

    Where are the links to get networking stencils that I can use for Microsoft visio. If you make it impossible to download the stencils why do you have it posted on your Web site that this software even exist?

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      by mpellegrin ·

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      Gp here for your networking stencils..

      by Anonymous ·

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      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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      Also if you have a problem with TR or C Net

      by oh smeg ·

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      You need to directly contact them for a solution as asking a question like this only goes to the members who attempt to help you. We have no control over how the site is designed or run.

      There is a Blue Envelope with the words [b]Site Help & Feedback[/b] on the bottom of every TR Page that you should click on to contact the TR Site Administrator. As there have been server problems recently at TR have you tried again today to download these? If it still isn’t working you should contact TR Directly not post questions here as TR needs to know that they have a problem.

      If you need to contact TR directly you will need to give them exact details of what isn’t working so keep a link to the Nonfunctional URL. If you don’t tell them exactly what is wrong it takes a lot longer to find the problem so the more help you can give at the first contact the faster you’ll get a fix.

      As this is a free service a attitude adjustment seems to be in order as well. Things with computers can and do go wrong so jumping on someone for not giving you something isn’t the way to get great service.


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