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Ok, So my brother in law gave me his laptop because he never used it. Its about 4 months old and he had windows XP professional installed in it. The way he had it set up was that all of his passwords were just one single letter so it was easy if I ever needed to use one.

The problem is that i tried to download the latest version of internet explorer for example. It won't allow me to use it because my account is not set up as an administrator. I looked up how to change it so it is, but when I did I found 2 solutions..
1. To go to control panel then to user accounts and change it there, or create an account. Well it wont let me access it saying I have to be an administrator to access the user accounts.

2. I was also told to restart the computer in safe mode and that it would be an administrator so I could change my account to an administrator. I tried this as well and there is a password after I chose to start in safe mode. No passwords he told me would work.

There are even little things like changing the computers name that bugs me, I want to change teh name to my name, but it won't let me. It keeps saying his name, which i know isn't serious but that as well bugs me.

If anyone has some information or could help I would really appreciate it.

I was thinking about re-installing windows but I am scared that I will ruin my computer completely if I don't do it right.

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