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    by banaya57 ·

    I am having a problem with one of the simplest excel formulas. I am desperate for the answer: I am trying to enter a daily number amount into the same cell so that it will add what I put in with what’s already in there.
    Can somebody please help with this..

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      by banaya57 ·

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      by toivo talikka ·

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      Why don’t you enter the daily number amount into the next cell and the formula in the first cell will then add what you have entered into the first cell?

      If you enter an amount into the cell where the formula is stored, you will overwrite the formula.

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        Excel Formula

        by banaya57 ·

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        So, there isn’t a formula that you can lock into one cell to create an ongoing sum?

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          Ongoing sum

          by toivo talikka ·

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          A formula can add up a range of cells. You cannot overwrite a formula with a value. If you want to enter an amount into the same cell every time, rather than the next cell in a row or a column, you may have to look into programming some data entry macros in VBA.

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      Try Paste Special

      by waltjohnson35 ·

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      I’m not sure I understand what you need but this MAY be the answer.

      *Put the number you want to add into a cell.
      *Select the cell and Copy it.
      *Select the cell(s) you want to add to.
      *Select Edit > Paste Special > Add > OK
      *The object cell(s) have the total.
      This also works with Multiply, Subtract & Divide

      I hope this works for you.


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      enable iterative calculation

      by philogos ·

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      For this to work you need to enable iterative calculation and set the number of iterations to 1.

      Now place the formula =a1+b1 in cell b1.
      Anything you place in cell A1 will then be added to the total in b1. You will also want to set recalculation to manual so that the total is not updated each time an entry is made elsewhere in the worksheet.

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