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By shahezadkhan ·
i want to upload image file and want to store it database also wants retrive as query fire.

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Come on !

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to help

Upload from what, to what, with what. When do you want to do it.
Query when, with what ....

On top of that storing images in a database is a bad idea. Store a link to them .
Images in database is just a lot of overhead.
You can't query them, so what's the point, just park them on a server somewhere and store a relative path and file name.

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What other overheads?

by onbliss In reply to Come on !

Size. Yes. But with the cost of storage reducing, even size of a record or the database becomes less of an issue. The database security & backup features could be useful. The other solution requires a separate backup of the file system.

What other overheads did you have in mind?

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Well back up is one

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What other overheads?

depends on how dynamic the images are that one.
Also database consistency checkers go mad on blobs.

If you are maintaining a lot of changes to the images then back up becomes more valuable but the storage gets seriously fragmented.
Then there's page size.

I just don't like it as a solution, the only benefit is single back up. You could call me on round trips, one for the link and one for the image, but a lot of people will optimise on not getting the image by default to avoid the cost of transferring it unless it's specifically requested.

Also if you decide to thread the transfer of the image and the painting of it, you've far fewer potential locking issues.

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