Help Acer 3680 has problems powering down and up

By gdi4u ·
I have searched high and low for an answer and I can't seem to find one and usually I can troubleshoot these problems myself, but this one has me puzzled. first off I should mention that the lid switch went out some time ago, so I don't rely on that. Ok here's the problem, most of the time I can't just push the power button and power down when the system hangs, I have had to unplug the power and remove the battery to get it to power down, then when I go to power up it won't start at least not right away for months I have thought that the power button is faulty but just the the other day, I reset my power settings and then it was working just fine like it should, but then the other day the core temperature was high and there was some overheating and when I closed and opened the lid again it finally started again, I don't know if there is a connection with that. So I really don't know what is causing this and would like to figure it out before it gets much worse.


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Where to start - that is the question.....

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Help Acer 3680 has proble ...

Let's just recap on your myriad problems:

#1 You searched high and low and can't find ONE answer (to several problems).

#2 The lid switch doesn't work (but you still close and open the lid to solve problems).

#3 You frequently use the power button to power down (which in itself is a dangerous thing to do).

#4 You go so far as to force the laptop to shut down by removing mains and battery power while it is still powered up.

#5 After having carried out procedures #3 & #4 - your laptop fails to start properly and you wonder why.

#6 Your laptop is now overheating but when you close and open the lid (where the broken lid switch lives) it seems to alleviate the overheating problem.

#7 You are wondering if there is a connection between any or all of these.

Answer: PICNIC.

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Did you try this without the battery?

by cto In reply to Help Acer 3680 has proble ...

Try taking the battery off and turn it on with only the power cable pluged in.

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That doesn't work

by gdi4u In reply to Did you try this without ...

I have tried that, there is no light when it's plugged and it won't respond unless the battery is in, I thought that was some kind of failsafe feature Acer put in, you are telling me that it should powerup even without the battery in? One thing I have been wondering is that maybe the CMOS battery is drained and needs to be replaced. I don't think the power down issue is hardware related, I think it's two seperate issues and the power down is because of some kind of corrupt power management issue with windows. Yesterday I put it into hibernate and then I went to power up and nothing, did everything as usual, battery out etc, nothing this morning after leaving the battery out and no power to the laptop, I put the battery back in and nothing, then after persisting pushing the power button for like 5 mins on and off it came on, could a weak CMOS battery cause this, does the CMOS battery have to be good to power on? So for now I just won't shut down or go into hibernate adn only use standby until I can get a diagnosis, I do have an extended carry in warranty, but I first need to restore the Vista that came with the unit, otherwise I think the warranty is void and to do that I will have to backup the drive and my external drive is kind of maxed so I have to make some room to back it up, Too Much Information. Sorry


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"first need to restore the Vista that came with the unit" ...??

by OldER Mycroft In reply to That doesn't work

What do you mean?

What is on this laptop at present?

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Downgraded Vista to XP

by gdi4u In reply to "[i]first need to restore ...

Well without getting off topic here, I downgraded the Vista that came with it because at the time the unit only had 512 megs or RAM and that's too little for Vista, I installed Linux with an XP dual boot that went well for a a while until the drives sectors got corrupt so I wound up installing XP solo and that's where I am now, as I said, I do believe that if I take the unit in without the original O.S. installed the warranty will be void, and I do not wan to risk that. I hope that clarifies it for you.


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Why don't you use

by Jacky Howe In reply to Help Acer 3680 has proble ...

the Recovery DVD that you created and restore it to Factory default. Send it back in to be repaired under warranty. Upgrade the Memory while you are at it.

Restore and recovery
The restore and recovery features allow you to restore or recover the system
from a factory default image, from a user created image, or from previously
created CD and DVD backups. You can also reinstall applications and drivers for
your Acer system.
1 Press <Alt> + <F10> or select Acer eRecovery Management from the
Empowering Technology toolbar to start Acer eRecovery Management.
2 Switch to the restore and recovery page by selecting the Restore button.
3 Select the backup point you would like to restore from. You can also
choose to recover the system from a factory default image, recover from a
previously created CD/DVD or reinstall applications and drivers.
4 Follow the instructions on screen to complete the process.

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That's what I Plan on doing

by gdi4u In reply to Why don't you use

That's what I plan on doing, I created like 8 or so recovery CDs and I just hope they are all still good, as for memory I forgot to mention that after I downgraded to XP I upgraded to 2 gigs, so no problem there.


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You should be good to go

by Jacky Howe In reply to That's what I Plan on doi ...

just follow the instructions that I provided in my previous post. You may as well take advantage of the Warranty.

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