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help (adding a win2003 server to a domain)

By moshbeer ·
(english is not my maternal lenguage)

Hello everybody
i hope somebody can help me, i have an assignment tomorrow at school where i'm supposed to take a server out of a domain format it, install the SO (windows 2003 server) and install SQL server.

my question is how do i take the server out of the domain and how do i add it to another domain.

please keep in mind that i know bits and pieces of what i'm supposed to do but not all of it.

a friend of mine told me that i'm supposed to delete the server from active directory (don't know how) then add it on the active directory of the other domain (how do i switch from one active directory to the other?, and how do i add it?), and that it was like adding a new workstation to a domain (i doubt its that simple.)

if somebody can help me i'll be really thankful

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Some Answers

by BFilmFan In reply to help (adding a win2003 se ...

Is this a Windows NT 4.0, 2000 or 2003 domain?

The basic steps for adding a computer to a domain are here:

I don't recommend that you start meddling with Active Directory if you are not comfortable with it. You will only introduce issues.

Since you said that you are putting Windows 2003 on this system, will this be an upgrade or a new install?

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by moshbeer In reply to Some Answers

it will be a new install.

sadly i will be meddling with active directory, because this particular workshop is about adding new servers to a domain

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Not All That Tough Actually...

by jdgretz In reply to help (adding a win2003 se ...

First, I understand you to say that you are going to remove a server from an existing domain, but that this server is NOT the domain controller. Then you are to reformat the drive, install the Operating System, (Server 2003), SQL Server and then join a new domain. Am I correct in my understanding? Good.

To remove the server from the domain, first make sure you have an administrator account on the server you are going to remove from the domain.

Go to the domain controller and under Programs|Administrative Tools find Active Directory Users and Computers. Click on the Domain Controller folder - is the server you need to remove listed? No, good. Next, click on the Computers folder and you should see your server listed. Right click on the machine and make the machine inactive by Disabling the account - just in case you have to reconnect it before you format the hard drive.

OK, at this point the server is effectively out of the domain, but wait, there's more...

Go back to Administrative Tools and open

Active Directory Domains and Trusts
Active Directory Sites and Services

Remove the server from both of those locations as well if it exists.

OK, now shut down your server.

I'm going to assume you know how to install the Server Software (Operating System).

Actually joining a domain with a brand new server is very easy. When you get to the point of configuring the server, one of the questions you will be asked is if this is a Member Server, Domain Controller, or the only server in the Forest. If it is to be a member server, make that selection and follow along. If everything goes well, you should just have to follow along with the prompts.

If you have it, read Microsoft's Documentation (no, not read the manual!!) on server installation and configuration - it actually helps. Hopefully you have access to the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Deployment Kit. This has all the information you need to put together a full server and desktop deployment.

Oh yes, you have to be either a Domain Admin or Enterprise Admin to join your server to the Domain - that is the account you use to join the server to the domain must exist on the domain controller as a Domain or Enterprise Admin account.


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Lets get the scope clarified...

by kevin dubya In reply to Not All That Tough Actual ...

Its simple - that is when you know what you have to do...sounds like you have the info but havent put it in your own words.
I dont mean to be heavy handed but if you dont know what you have to do then you need to ask.
And there are no silly questions...

First get the scope very clearly defined.
Is it a DC a member server. Is it Windows 2000 or 2003

Required results - or customer requirements - get in writing or write it down and state this.."What we are doing is a W2k migration of existing server(s) to W2K3 into the new domain X using xyz methodology/tecnique or tools or approach..."

Pre requisites...

Use a piece of paper , back of a *** packet (sorry british slang rather than derogatory term for homosexual),
Or use s/w such as mindmanager...
Brainstorm organise and then get your plan...

Work out what the end result is going to be before you even start on the server, plan and document now...

Once you know what you're going to do then you can work out how you're going to do this...

Strikes me you need to establish:

A before status...
A action plan for migrating or is it a wipe and reload or as you can see you have some questions to ask and answer...same domain , new domain, same machine , new machine...or not sure - who do you ask, who are the contacts/representatives?

A desired end state or after.
What tools do you need, what rights and accounts do you need. (ooh look these could fall into a pre-requisite category..)

What hadware what software what media, license keys, network info... oh and again - these look like things you need to have on a checklist before you start doing get writing that list....

For AD - lookup/google DCPromo - its not just for promotion...can you use this? What more do you need. Where are details held on AD for computer many DCs are here- do you need to replicate partition info....? Does it matter whats the new computer name going to be?
Adminpak.msi, Support Tools (Value Add on i386...)

So formulate your plan and document...then you can turn this into a you can check logic/and progress...

If you do this you should ace your project..
if you do this in the real world your customer will pay as s/he will get what they wanted...

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