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Help Adding MAC to Windows Network

By mtshilombo ·
We would like to add a MAC to our windows network and allow the graphic designer to have access to network shares and printes.

I'm not familiar with MAC at all and would like recommendations for a consulting firm in the DC area.
Also, where can I be trained to administer and maintain the MAC once added to the network

Thanks for your suggestions

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by Sue T In reply to Help Adding MAC to Window ...

This is how we do it. Anything the Mac needs to access on the server we put in the MS UAM Volume (PCs can see and read the folders & files in this volume also). You create this volume on the server and to get specific instructions for your server OS just go to help and support on the server and seach for UAM or MacIntosh and it will tell you exactly how to turn on these services which will make the UAM Volume. As for printing we mostly connect by the printer IP address as we find this is faster and more reliable than Apple Talk. As for administering and maintaining the Mac I don't believe you will need any training and can most likely learn anything you need from a book and I am sure someone would be willing to tell you exactly what they do to maintain their Macs. We run repair disk permissions which is part of Mac OS 10 and use Norton System Works for Mac and this normally takes care of most problems. Good Luck.

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by chriswales In reply to Help Adding MAC to Window ...

We purchased AdmitMac to enable a group of Mac users to log onto our domain in order to access network files, shares, printers, etc.

It works great.

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by sduverge In reply to Help Adding MAC to Window ...

Install AppleShare, and share your mac over the network. AppleShare is the network software for the mac.

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by kevinmi In reply to Help Adding MAC to Window ...

If network shares are enabled with smb access the Mac can access those shares. The printers can be mapped to the Mac using IP addresses if the printers have IP addresses assigned. You will find that the Mac will require less maintenance than a PC.

I am referring to a Mac that is running 10.x operating system. The maintenance can be done automatically via cron scripts. Or you can use the Brian Hill management tools if the Mac is a laptop. There are no viruses or other concerns so I would not even go there for extra expense. Stay away from Norton which can slow the Mac down. It writes stuff to the kernal - which is a bad thing. When looking at the Mac think UNIX not Mac since the OS is BSD UNIX.

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