help again...

By kameronroxursox5 ·
Anyways i finally got xp on my HDD but now i cant get an internet connection i tried a wireless card and the drives for the board but they wont work.

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Some information would be nice

by IC-IT In reply to help again...

What Operating System?
What is your setup i.e. cable or DSL to a wireless router?
Was there another computer hooked up directly or wirelessly to the modem?
Does the wireless device show up as operable in Device Manager?
Does it show as a local only connection?
Etc, etc, etc.

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by kameronroxursox5 In reply to Some information would be ...

im trying to hook up to dsl from my router in the other room that is wirelesss also, so i put a wireless card in and plugged in a ethernet cord but no connection shows up in the device manager the ethernet controller status says " The drivers for this device are not installed (code 28)" my board is a Abit NF7-S2 if u have the drivers or something

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You are going to need to follow the instructions

by seanferd In reply to info

for your wireless card exactly.

You also could have stated that the problem was with a driver in the first place.

You can't just plug it in and go. Generally, you have to do some setup, install the card exactly when told to do so, then finish setup.

Edit: And you should have the drivers on media that came with the card, or visit the card vendor's website. Ensure also that the card is compatible with XP, and that there are XP drivers for it.

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I installed

by kameronroxursox5 In reply to You are going to need to ...

the driver for the card the correct one for xp

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Good, so you have the right drivers.

by seanferd In reply to I installed

But as I mentioned, it is absolutely crucial that all this stuff is done in the correct order. Please follow the instructions for installing the card carefully.

I'd uninstall the card, driver, and other card software, then start over. Uninstalling means going into Device Manager and entering the properties page, uninstalling the driver, then uninstalling the card, powering off, removing the card, then rebooting.

The only way you might have around this is to find your card in Device Manager, open the properties page, and try Update Driver.

Make sure you are logged with an administrator account while doing any of this.

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