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Help against shoulder surfing.

By mo.meter ·
Hi everybody,

I heard about an adhesive film you could stick to your screen that would effectively render the useable viewing angle of a screen to almost 90 degrees only. e.g. you can only read the screen if you're directly in front of it.

I tried to google it, to find a company that provides it, but to no avail, has anyone heard about this ? Or has references ?

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by JamesRL In reply to Help against shoulder sur ...
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CDW as well

by Cgoeckel In reply to 3M
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Glas screen filters

by dean.greensmith In reply to 3M

I know you used to be able to get glass screen filters for desktop monitors that had this restricted viewing angle feature.


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filter for laptop

by john_jones In reply to Help against shoulder sur ...

if you google on
"3M Notebook Screen Privacy Filter"
you should see some reviews and such

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fascinating restricted computer usage device!

by vaspersthegrate In reply to Help against shoulder sur ...

This is really interesting. How innovative! Please email me via TR or whatever when you get the provider of this screen film.

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3M privacy filters

by artlife In reply to Help against shoulder sur ...

work on both LCD and CRT monitors according to 3M

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some people

by joe In reply to Help against shoulder sur ...

cant post a reply with my honest opinion because the jerks standing behind me get their kicks from eavesdropping when they should be working or minding their own business.
wait, maybe I should just stop what I am doing and ask the question...
"can I help you?"

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You could also ask them

by glgruver In reply to some people

Do you need something to do?
What are you supposed to be doing?
Aren't you supposed to be working on something?
Do you mind?

This may tide you over until either the "jerks" get the message or your screen filter arrives. Good luck!

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by rocketwall In reply to Help against shoulder sur ...

I attended a security conference that had a booth with 3M demonstrating precisely such a film you are seeking. They said it could be purchased at Staples or the like.

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