Help - all my fault!

By VAR1016 ·
I decided to try Windows 7 and installed it onto a partition, with the aim of having dual boot.

I like it very much, but I had one or two problems - for example, I couldn't install my webcam drivers since they automatically load to C

Anyway the problem is that I did not have dual boot: the previous Windows version appeared in the boot screen, but was not selectable.

So as I have done before I formatted the drive and expected as I experienced before that the computer would revert to booting from C. It does not - it still points to E.

To avoid a clean install please tell me how to change the boot drive. I have tried using the repair option from the XP CD, but this refuses to recognise my admin password.

Thanks in advance


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Sheesh Paul - you certainly don't avoid problems eh ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Help - all my fault!

Gotta tip my cap to you though.

You've got more bottle than me.

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by VAR1016 In reply to Sheesh Paul - you certain ...

Happy new year OM.

Well I was careful: I backed up data and prepared a Paragon recovery disc - which actually does bugger-all!

If I could get the thing to boot from C just once, then of course system restore would take care of the rest.

I must say that I do like 7 though based on my brief acquaintance.



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See how you go with this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Help - all my fault!

Insert your XP CD and when you see ?Press any key to boot from CD? press a key. Now wait for the XP installer to finish loading up and you will be presented with the option to press R to Repair.
Press R.
The next screen will ask you which Windows? installation you would like to log on to. Normally the following will be listed:
Press 1, then Enter to continue.
You may now be asked for the Administrator password. If you know this type it and press Enter. If you don't know the Administrators password it may be blank. Just press Enter or type your username and password.
At the command prompt type:
fixmbr and press Enter
fixboot and press Enter
bootcfg /rebuild and press Enter
Wait until you are returned to the Recovery Console.
Once you are back to the Recovery Console remove the XP CD and restart your PC.
I am not familiar with Windows 7 and I hope that it is similar to Vista but if the above doesn't work try this.<br>
Boot from the DVD and on the first screen click Next, click Repair your computer, click Next and select Command Prompt.
Now type in bootsect.exe /nt52 C:</br>

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Thanks but

by VAR1016 In reply to See how you go with this

Happy new year.

I tried this, but without success. after fixmbr I got dire warning and it said that something zas incorrect or invalid and did I wnt to go ahead. So I typed Y and it said that the mbr had been fixed or set. I then did fixboot more questions and then bootcfg and I was asked to assign some references - I just typed 1 as this is the number assigned to C:

On restarting I got the same irritating screen that offered Win7 (no longer there as I have formatted the E partition) and "earlier version of Windows" that I cannot select.

Your second suggestion does not apply I think as I am trying to boot XP; I tried the command anyway, but it is not recognised.

Thanks for your efforts and best wishes


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Paul 7 is a BETA and should never be put on a system that you want to use

by OH Smeg In reply to Thanks but

Here you'll need to not only format but Wipe the HDD with something like Boot & Nuke

or Kill Disc

Then perform a complete reinstall.

If you want to install any Beta OS to this computer you will first need to disconnect the existing Boot Drive to be sure that you can restart the unit again in the form that you want it to be.


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Of course you are correct

by VAR1016 In reply to Paul 7 is a BETA and shou ...

And indeed Microsoft does warn about this> I vainly imagined that if the whole thing was on its own partition it should be OK, which indeed it would were I able to select the OS on the boot page where the choice is offered. Unfortunately I cannot!

I am puzzled though that it is apparently very difficult to change the default drive letter for the boot process.

Best wishes,

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The problem here Paul is that when you Dual Boot

by OH Smeg In reply to Of course you are correct

The Second OS writes files to the Primary Partition and in this case Windows 7 AKA Vista MK 2 wants to be in charge of things and the only OS Installed.

Works a treat if you install a second OS After this but is useless if you install it second.

As you didn't have any Data on this system instead of Backing up have you thought of making a HDD Image with something like Acronis True Image Workstation?

There is a Trial Version here that will allow you to Clone the HDD Boot Partition after you finish loading it completely and Activating Windows. It saves you needing to reload the thing if you keep a Base Install around. :)

Failing that you can use one of the many free Cloning utilities available

I haven't used any of the free one so I can not recommend any.


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the upgrade will let you revert to the previous version

by CG IT In reply to Paul 7 is a BETA and shou ...

the release notes warn you about installing Windows 7 Beta on a computer you might not want to lose stuff. Also the release notes recommend a clean install of the previous OS you want.

I'm doing the upgrade rather than try dual boot or a clean install on a comp.

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That's Right

by VAR1016 In reply to the upgrade will let you ...

Fortunately if I am forced to do a fresh install of XP I shall not lose any data as these are all on a separate physical drive (and another computer!) It's just the huge bore of reinstalling all those programs - especially frustrating as I wasted time and discs making useless backups.


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ah! well there ya go

by CG IT In reply to That's Right

The fun of doing public betas

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