"Help and Support" in XP does not open

By garrontower ·
I have tried every avenue I could find but could still not get "Help and Support" to work.

If somebody could give me a definitive answer then I will do that but if not could somebody tell me how to repair my Windows XP Pro SP2?

My OS started life as XP Home (OEM) but instead of giving me a copy of Windows XP Home, I was given a Ghost Image (Symantec Ghost 3)of the system as it was, including the other programmes (most of which I have removed and installed my own programmes).

I purchased and installed the XP Professional SP2 (32 bit) update and all was fine up until a week or so ago.

Please help

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Did you try?..

by Espionage In reply to "Help and Support" in XP ...

Did you try to open the help file manually? Here is the path: %Windir%\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries\HelpCtr.exe

Please respond about your result.

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Yes but still did not work

by garrontower In reply to Did you try?..

I tried this again but it still does not open.

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Didn't you use any registry cleaner?

by Espionage In reply to Yes but still did not wor ...

If you did follow the link to see a solution:

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Didn't you use any registry cleaner?

by garrontower In reply to Didn't you use any regist ...


Yes. I have been using Registry Fix for years without problems but just in case it did something here I followed to the letter the details in the link you gave.

1. All the Registry was as per the link and following this I continued with the rest of the link but was unable to complete it as my XP Pro is the Update Disk (Disc) and during the process I was being constantly asked for the XP Pro as it didn't seem to want to use the update.

This, I was unable to supply, as my PC came with a Ghost Image which included the original setup including XP Home. I tried this disk unsuccessfully.

I can only but conclude, and please correct me if I am wrong, that I will have to do a complete reinstall of the XP Pro but am reluctant in this instance because I do not want to lose all my current settings including ie7 which I believe has to be removed before the reinstallation can be acxhieved.

Am I right here?

If so can you point me to a link detailing XP Pro reinstall without losing all my settings.

Thanks for your post Espionage


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