HELP! A.S. vs B.S. in Network Admin.

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Will obtaining a BS in Network Administration be worth it when many people are doing well with a A.S.?

Thank you!

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I would go for the B.S. in networking..

But that will be your choice.
I prefer B.S. in courses, i think they hold more weight in studying and the job factor. But that is my opinion. Really it will be down to you and how you feel about it.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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by emailrequested In reply to HELP! A.S. vs B.S. in Net ...

Sorry .Can?t give yu any tip . I did not graduate in the states .

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My Two Cents

by bincarnato In reply to HELP! A.S. vs B.S. in Net ...

Certifications and degrees are little more than wallpaper or good for the "I Like Me" wall when you get out into the work force. 90% of what you learned in school you will probably never use or learn a different way of doing it on the job that your employer prefers. Where the difference may come into play is your initial salary, the job options available to you out of school, and advancement within the company. Do a search for net admin jobs online and you'll see that many require X amount of years experience or X degree in an IT related program.

That being said, I would probably go for the B.S. for a couple reasons.
1. Don't be in a hurry to leave school and join the work force if you are still young and don't have financial issues regarding school. Enjoy this time of your life because once you leave school and enter the work force, that's it, you have become a slave to the daily grind.
2. You'll have more open doors available to you when you do get your B.S. as opposed to an A.S. Those people who are doing well, as you say, with an A.S. probably took a position that wasn't too great for a couple years to get some experience before having an opportunity to apply for the better jobs.

As I said, this is my personal opinion and should be viewed that way.

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