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Help better our children's education....

By Kima ·
Here is the deal I have proposed to start a non-profit org to trained low incomed families a few months ago for single parents or students interested in computers and provide child care while they are training.

I went as far as a branch of the Dept. of Education,it was good, but I'll need a partner to work with me. Anybody interested...

Also, along the way I'll be fixing old computers for poor children and provide them with at least PI, Win95,2.0 HD and
56 Mem but I need the support from you guys. Please if your companies are getting rid of old computers, be nice and give them to the poor children. This is meant for low income families with children between the ages 3-18.

I have over 60 children games & educational software to provide, it might be illegal to provide them with software copies, but it will help them in the long run... I'll be great if somebody can help burn CD's or provide a multiple CD burner..

My main purpose is to give them what they can't afford to help them achieve their educational goal...

Internet will not be provided because of the contents that sometimes downloads on its own, but I'll provide them with everything they'll need for school, including National Geographic Library, MsOffice,dictionaries,etc.

To many childrens & adults cannot afford school/college, but we can help them to educate themself free. If any of you want to help, please e-mail me.

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Your heart's in the right place...

by TomSal In reply to Help better our children' ...

BUT...illegal copying of software, whatever your reason, intent or cause, is still illegal copying of software.

Doing right on one hand does not erase the fact that a federal crime is being committed on the other hand.

There are options though, since your heart is in the right place and I admire you for your diligence in such a worthwhile cause...

(1) Lots of children's educational games are in bargin bins for $14.99 or less at many software retailers (Electronics Boutique and SoftwareEtc. to name my favorites)

(2) It can't hurt to write the publishers of the software to explain your dilema of not having the money to buy all new software. You'll need to look professional to have a chance at all though. I'd draw up a brochure/pamplet explaining your cause and the letter would be printed on quality stationary preferably featuring a company logo of some kind, following correct rules for a business letter.

Who knows, some times people will surprise you - maybe they'll donate some software if you convince them and are persistent enough.

(3) Collect donations, set up a fund...To acheive this print up flyers and post them wherever you can (don't be rude about it though - if a business owner says NO, then DO NOT post it there!)

Finally you may get more responses if you listed the generally area of where you are located.

Ie. "Chicago Area"

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Thank You

by Kima In reply to Your heart's in the right ...

Actually I work with a Non-Profit Organization and I have drafted the letters to be send. I'm also working on the brochure and getting everything set-up.

Also,as you said it will be good if the educational games publishers help, I'll send themsome info about my org. I'm getting ready to go to schools and introduce the program in the DC metro area to start then I'll go from there. Only close friends and some employees at Dept. of Education know of the project and will like to see it go through, so will I.

I know universities tend to get rid of old computers so I'll be sending them some info as well.

I'm hoping that I can get partners around the US to help, there are too many low income families that cannot afford a computer this days, it won't be a new computer but it will serve it's purpose. To educate our children..

Really looking forward, don't want to do anything illegal but if it comes to that point, I'll do it for our children.. They need to educate themselves somehow, but hopefully I get what I need.

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