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Help (boot) (system) partitions seperate

By junkface ·
I have a 200gb Seagate hard drive, it has a C: drive, which is a 10gb boot partition (fat32), and an E: drive which is a 70gb system partition (ntfs), how can I combine both so that windows still boots normally, and I have only a C: drive, without losing any data.

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Two asnwers - the first is another thread

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Help (boot) (system) part ...

titled Removing a hard drive partition at

The second is to just reinstall the operating system, when it says you already have Windows on it - tell it to install to the other drive. Then reinstall all your application programs. Edit the boot.ini to remove the reference to the original drive and, after checking that all the programs work properly and all the needed stuff in the Documents and settings is copied over, delete the Windows directory on the first drive. Then just continue to use the original drive as a data partition to store copies of important data.

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Partition without reinstall

by junkface In reply to Two asnwers - the first i ...

is there any way to merge the boot and system partition without copying over all your data, is there a way to do it without having to re-install xp

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If they are seperate drives - not that is absolutely

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Partition without reinsta ...

safe. If they are on the same logical drive you can buy programs like Partition Magic that will allow you to safely merge existing partitions. However, this will NOT change the pointers within the software or MBR. So if the MBR points top the operating system being on Drive D and you move it without adjusting the MBR (usually done as aprt of an install) then it will look to the D drive and fail to find it - major hernia.

The surest way is to copy the data to CD or another HDD and then just wipe and rebuild. But that is not always an option.

One thing I missed in the early response is.

Existing system C: small with boot and system large and nothing of interest

Copy any data from to C: - split into two primary partitions, make E: big enough to store data. Copy all data to E: then **** away C: and , merge and reinstall as new C:

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