Help building a computer

By zachirl ·
This is the link to my current build I need help knowing what is good an not. The description on this site explains.

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OK I'll ask

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Help building a computer

Why do you need a Sound Card and LAN Adapter?

Both are built onto the M'Board and while admitelly different they both work OK.

Adding a Sound Card could adversly impact the M'Board and if you add another LAN Card giving you 2 LAN Sockets on the back of the unit unless they are the same type of Adapter you'll have Software issues and clashes. Teh same may very well apply tot he Sound Card as well as the Onboard Sound will conflict with the Plug In Card and disabeling the address for the On Board one in BIOS may not be enough to stop it being reconised by the OS and other Software.

I'll not even go near the AMD Intel CPU argument as while I personally prefer Intel M'Boards and CPU's as they tend to last longer I do understand why some people like AMD units even though they do seem to destroy the CPU's more than the Intel Chipsets.

But none the less I would suggest one of the Name Brand Power Supplies like Antec, Corsair or Gigabyte all of which are better units than the one you have listed.

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