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By ppaltsokas ·
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Hello guys,
i need some help choosing a new laptop. I just want it to be fast. I guess that means a 512ssd , a decent (not trash) cpu and some 8gb of ram ? I don't think i need 16gb as i want to use mostly for web surfing, Skype lessons , using word, acrobat and one note (maybe all at once) and occasionally watch a movie. I don't intend to use it for videogames , but i also want to be able to watch youtube videos and movies in high res so i guess the gpu doesnt have to be anything great , but again not complete garbage. I would prefer 17' screen.
I was thinking of a budget in the area of 400€ - 600€.
I am looking forward to any suggestions.

p.s. Can you make a piece by piece laptop like you do in desktops or you have to buy it all-in-one prebuilt thing?
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