Help! Can't FTP

By Sereniti ·
There are two workstations on our LAN that need to connect to our web sites via FTP. One is mine, and I successfully use Dreamweaver, Adobe CS3, and FireFTP (Firefox add-on) to connect to all of our web sites.
The other is my boss's laptop. To the best of my knowledge, ALL settings affecting FTP are the same on his laptop as are on my work station, including the host file.
Yet I have been unsuccessful using FTP to any of our web sites from his laptop using both Contribute CS3 and FireFTP.
The error message from Fire FTP is:
   "Unable to make a connection. Please try again."
The error message in Contribute CS3 is:
   "Contribute could not connect because the server is down or not accepting connections. Please contact your administrator."
Less than a minute after receiving this message on the laptop, I'm able to connect from my workstation immediately. Then I log out and shut down all my FTP software to make sure there's no way I could still be connected.
When I try the laptop again, I get the same errors.
Yes, I've verified that the username and password are correct. I even created a connection key in Contribute so that I didn't have to type in any of the information. The connection key works on my workstation and does not work on the laptop.
The next step is to take the laptop out of the LAN environment to find out if it's a network issue, but that won't happen until later today or tomorrow.
I'm at the end of my rope - can ANYONE shed some light on this for me?

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Windows firewall, etc...?

by jswentworth In reply to Help! Can't FTP

Is the laptop running Windows Firewall? Zonealarm? Sunbelt firewall? anything like that which could be blocking FTP out?

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Could be something like that

by Sereniti In reply to Windows firewall, etc...?

It's not Windows Firewall, because when I opened that to change the settings it was de-activated.

However, now that you bring it up, I did see that he has Iolo's anti-virus software installed, so he may have their firewall installed, too. (Bosses think they can install anything they want 'cause they're the boss!) He will be done using his computer later today and I'll check that out - thanks.

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Passive FTP?

by EvilHomerGD In reply to Could be something like t ...

Check to make sure that the boss is using/not using passive FTP as needed too. Some firewalls will block FTP traffic if the settings are incorrect.

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Same Issue

by t_w_dragon In reply to Help! Can't FTP

I have the same issue. My boss can't use Contribute to edit his web pages either.

Interestingly enough, if he VPN's to my personl network at home, he can use contribute just fine with the same connection details.

There are no firewalls on the PC & Laptop, no bugs (avg, spybot & hijackthis checks) on the system, and the PC is the DMZ.

Did you ever figure this out? Continues to suck that we have to use a VPN to make changes.

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