Help! Cant get my new Graphics Card to work....

By keith.challis ·
This one really is a problem....

I bought myself a new X1650 512MB AGP Card as i only had on board graphics. Disabled my on baord graphics via windows as you cant do it via BIOS. Put my new card in and it goes through the process but when the load up jingle goes the screen is black. The button on the monitor is green so signal is going but just cant see anything. I cant get my on board graphics back again. Tried the card in my sons pc and it found it straight away and asked for drivers etc. Tried resetting my CMOS that didnt work. Fitted an old 64MB carg in the slot and pressed F8 and booted in VGA mode and it kicks in straight away and i get an output. Do this with my new card and nothing. also tried it with another LCD but still nothing. Seems like the pc and monitor are not talking the same language. I'm at my wits end spent hours and got nowhere....please help!!

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You probably need to reset your video output through BIOS

by yschoo1 In reply to Help! Cant get my new Gra ...

Once you get back in with your on-board video display, then
1. Install the new driver for your new AGP Card;
2. Turn off your PCU;
3. Install the new card and hook up the video cable.
4. Turn on your computer and get back to your BIOS to see if it is set for your AGP, Save the configuration and get out;
5. Now go to your hardware device screen and disable the on-board display, and reboot to make the new driver stay.
If you still get the black screen, well someone else might need to help you. Hopefully it is not a hardware problem.

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Check the requirements of the video card

by kamos In reply to You probably need to rese ...

1.Check the requirements of the video card. Operating system, memory, etc. Make sure that you comply with the video card manufacturer.
2. If you do. try to restart your computer in safe mode(f5) after you reinstall the video card and the the latets drivers from the video card manufacturer web site.
3.Check the video card manufacturer web site for any know issues with the video card.I hope it works! good luck

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Thanks guys but still got problem....

by keith.challis In reply to Check the requirements of ...

The major problem i have is that i cant get my onboard graphics back! I have tried eveything. Cant boot into safe mode with new card as cant see what i am doing as no output. PC does find new card fine but as the screen is black cant do anything!! Card is fine as far as compatibility is concerned and as i say works great in my sons as he still has his on board graphics! Help please as it is going in skip soon....

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Got Your Message

by TheChas In reply to Help! Cant get my new Gra ...

Got your message.

First, does your system support a 4X/8X AGP card?

If your not sure, post the system model number or verify the specifications at the system manufactures web site.

Second, did you try taking the system into normal Windows mode with the 64 MB card?

You usually need to select the default video settings in safe mode and then boot into normal mode to get to the point of installing the driver.

If it won't boot into normal mode and give any video, then, I suspect that somewhere along the line you lost a critical file when you uninstalled the onboard video.

If you can see the POST screens, or enter BIOS setup with the card, then the card is functioning, and the motherboard can talk to it.

Do you have an actual Windows CD, or just a recovery disk?

Since you can boot into at least safe mode with the 64 MB card, with a Windows CD at the same service pack level as your system, run System File Checker. (Assumes XP)

For instructions, type in SFC in the help and support search box.

Another thought, you may need to at least partially install the driver for the new graphics card before physically installing it in your system.


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Freekin Graphics Card

by keith.challis In reply to Got Your Message

Hi Chas,

Thanks for your time and ultra quick response!

Yes mobo defo supports 8X card, checked before i bought it. With the 64MB card in wont fire up until i VGA enable it in the help screen. Once done the pc starts up normally in windows. It found the driver for the card in windows i guess??
Yes i do have a pukka Windows XP Disc so will try the SFC that you suggest.
I did install the drivers etc for the new card as i was hoping that the card would fire up and find the drivers itself and then work but no such luck!

Thanks again, will let you know how i get on.



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No luck Chas ;-(

by keith.challis In reply to Freekin Graphics Card

I did what you said and ran the SFC but it did not make any difference i still do not get an output from the card. The 64MB card is working at a higher res now though so it did some good!
But as for my new card anything else i can try???


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