Help! Can't record using my microphone when I have headphones in.

By looksthroughyou ·
I've been recording a lot on my new laptop lately, just guitar stuff, but I usually layer it all upon eachother, so I can play bass on one part, and then overdub guitar over that, and overdub drums over that, and overdub over that.

I'll walk through a standard problem I've been having forever!

1: lay down guitar part of track

2: Plug in headphones so I can listen to part 1, and record part 2 at the same time.

3: try to record, but mike picks up NO sound at all.

4: unplug headphones and mike works again

Now, I have to have the headphones in, or else the mike will hear the sound of the first track, and then all the volume levels get screwed up.

Now, here is the odd thing... when I use skype to talk to my friend, I can use headphones and the mike, and they both work fine. The moment I try to record something on my computer with the headphones in, it won't record anything.

I am using Audacity (freeware) to record these things. I have been using Audacity for a long time, and it has always worked fine until about a week ago.


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