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help change/start career

By alterms ·
hello to everybody
please just listen before start hiting
this my story :i am before fourty i work as an accountant
a few years ago i realised that i really like all the IT stuff and i started involving in many ways from fixing my or others pc's to solve problems that appeared in my job
-the company i'm working thinks that hiring an IT professional is a waste of money so prefers to do the job someone from inside (me) even he is an amateur-i tried to do my best i think i've done my best but no reply no reward and all this added on top on my current accounting-related tasks.Anyway i've eaten this -
but i realised also that i prefer doing an IT job than my current i started reading taking lessons and now i'm thinking changing career ,more specific starting my own (cooperating with others already IT proffessionals )IT business.
it's too late?
how far from reality and from reaching my goal am i?
is anyone out there with a similar problem?
thank you for your attention.

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Accountants and IT

by BFilmFan In reply to help change/start career

Frankly, accountants have less stress than IT workers. And you are correct that your company will happily let you perform all the IT work and save them the costs of hiring an IT professional. I am also willing to bet that they will also allow you to mow the grass and clean the commodes. I will bet that management will also let you shine their shoes for them.

If you let people take advantage of you, they will.

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Never too late for change

by Oz_Media In reply to help change/start career

Do what you WANT to do, if you can afford to. I change careers out of bordeom all the time. There's always something new to learn, there'a always a more interesting way of making money and there's always time to do it.

As for the financial and family planning issues, being an accountant, I'll leave that decision up to you. If you can float for a while, it's a lot of fun seeing just what kind of stuff gets tossed at you. Make yourself available and talk to as many people as you can meet.

Best of luck, whatever you choose to do.

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Mr. Oz is right

by CuteElf In reply to Never too late for change

I'm a noob like you, Mr. Accountant.

I got started in this field by an ex bf..he was dinking with Win 98 and explaining why I caught him redhanded inside my pc one day *that was fun*

but I realized not that far after...I like troubleshooting and I like fixing, I like it.

I decided to be someone in this field because I like/love it. Its not the money. Really. At the moment, I'm kneedeep in debt due to school. But I've found myself. THAT was worth it all.

You have a perfectly sellable skill; accounting/bizness. Is it everchanging where you have to go to school every year/month for updates?
If you dropped out of this field, for, oh, 5 years, lets say, could you get back in no problems?

I dont see why not.

IT on the other hand, is morphing daily. I've found that I've learned the hardware and software history, but I dont have a niche yet. Once I get some mileage and find some more about myself, the niche will show up- and there I can focus on specific schooling/edu.

Honestly, if you want something, why hold yourself back? Heck, go into poverty like me so you can find out! :) After I've paid some of this crap off I've got things to do on my list; Spain is one of them.

Your boss is getting free IT work, you're getting experience. Does your boss support education after college/during work? Go take some classes in this- start with votech not comp sci classes.

Another thought is to call around to local user groups and sit in on a new people, learn a bit, hook up?

Do you know anyone who might know an IT pro? could you do a half-day with that person? Field trip?

Don't hold yourself back. If you have family/money problems, talk them out. If I told my mom I wanted to be a Dallas Cheerleader, she better support me!
Got kids? Ask their teachers at school about pc's and Macs...they know some people!

One thing I see with adults (i'm one too) is that we forget our dreams.

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Nothing is Impossible

by Tekillaah In reply to help change/start career

Perseverence helps your character and is your ride to financial freedom, hehehe Remember Col Sanders persevere 1008 times before getting KFC to work, Thomas Edison failed 14,000 times before making it.. ang Einsten is a horrible at mathematics.... Did that motivate u :)

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thank you all

by alterms In reply to help change/start career

well i didnt receive any discouraging responses
and that it is the one good sign
i have already started to organise my exodus
(indexing my knoweledge and experience,drawing work plans,arrange meetings)
any practical tips would be much appreciated
i am huppy to see that there are people who think and act like you and that is the other good sign
thank you again

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