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    Help converting from Frontpage SP3 to Dreamweaver 8


    by rachel.rodriguez2 ·


    Let me preface this by saying that I know absolutely nothing about web page design. However, I have just been asked to take over as website coordinator for a small professional organization I belong to (okay more like told I’ll be doing it). The organization bought me a copy of Dreamweaver 8, since the last individual reported that he found Frontpage problematic. I’ve played around in Dreamweaver, and it looks pretty user friendly, especially if I were starting from scratch, but I really have no clue how to get started with an already existing website. I’ve read that there can be problems converting from Frontpage to Dreamweaver, and I’d like to get more info. Could anyone out there recommend a place to start?

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      by rachel.rodriguez2 ·

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      Open Dreamweaver

      by gdude ·

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      & download your website to it & bingo & let dreamweaver become your website editer….

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      by steffi28 ·

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      I know Dreamweaver does almost everything you could need it to without knowing any web languages, but has some great tutorials if you need them. Ive been learning lately and they have helped me out alot!

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      Importing is fairly straightforward

      by msrenner ·

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      In my experience converting sites from FrontPage to Dreamweaver is usually straightforward, as someone mentioned, simply download a fresh copy of the entire site. You can use Dreamweaver for this or any FTP software, but be advised that Dreamweaver’s built-in FTP client is fairly slow. Once your download is complete you can throw out any files or directories beginning with _vti as these contain proprietary information used only by FrontPage.

      You will then need to use Dreamweaver’s function to define a site, pointing it to the recently downloaded folder for the html files and to the folder for images. I’ve only run into problems with importing sites into Dreamweaver when the FrontPage site used Microsoft’s proprietary Dynamic Web Template features [few sites do, most use one of the (generally ugly) standard templates)]. Ocassionally you find that the links to the CSS style sheet somehow get broken when importing the site into Dreamweaver but this is easily fixed within the program. Dreamweaver is both deep and wide in terms of features, so if you don’t use it often you’ll probably want one of the Visual Quickstart books to see how to accomplish tasks quickly — the online help is atrocious.

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