Help creating a hybrid cluster with an XP master node

By thedragoninsideme ·
Okay, here's what I want to do:

I have a Pentium 4 Windows XP Home PC with 1.34 gigs of RAM in it. I like the computer a lot, but it's not as fast when rendering my fractals as I would like, so I want to take three other old PC's I acquired and use them as diskless nodes in a computer cluster with my Pentium 4 PC as the master node. I want to harness the processors from the other three PC's to make apps on the XP Home PC to go faster. Here's what I have in the setup:

3 old computers with Pentium II processors (Less than 100mb ram in each)

1 newer Pentium 4 computer with 1.34 gigs of RAM

I have monitors and whatever, and I want to make the three olders PC's diskless nodes, that boot from a floppy disk or CD that serve under the master Windows XP Home node. My question is essentially this:

What do I need to download and do in order to create a four-node cluster with Windows XP Home as the master node, and the other three nodes run without a disk so that I can utilize their processing power on the master XP node?

I don't care what the older PC's run on, I just want them to work as basically just more hardware for the Pentium 4 PC running Windows XP. I don't want to buy anything if I have to, so I would prefer any free solutions anyone would offer. I have done some research on this topic, and I can't really ask questions with Google, so I figured I'd just post my question here.

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by wiz kid In reply to Help creating a hybrid cl ...

Am building one my self have all info you need and sources and software. ist ez.
Email me.
could possibly add you to mine with your own terminal with all your coms conected to mine and my friends. thats like 15+ computers with over 25Ghz at like 7500 Mhz Fsb comlications are there but are ezily fixable. proplums arize in configuration of the gpu's. and ethernet band with.

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