Help creating a radius server

By acampbell ·
I need to be able to have a user log into a wireless workstation and log in with their network credentials and authenticate to the network.
For the radius server I am using a windows 2008 box, with Active Directory Certificate Services, Network Policy and Access Services, and Web Server roles installed.

I am using a Cisco Aironet 1300 Series as an Access Point.

At this point I cannot connect to the network. I am my own CA for the purpose of this internal connection. The workstation says it cannot find a certificate to log on to this network. I have created and installed (on the workstation) a certificate created on the server (Radius Server).

Any help would be appreciated.

A Campbell

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Thanks for the manual

by acampbell In reply to Cisco Aironet 1300 Series ...

I inherited this project from another tech that decided he didn't want to work here. Best to start from step one, but not all of the pieces are where they should be. This will help.

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humm so what's the whole setup?

by CG IT In reply to Help creating a radius se ...

does the client [laptop] initially authenticate to the RADIUS server or does it authenticate with the Access Point?

If it authenticates with the Access Point, is that configured to use RADIUS? and if so, have you checked the AP's configuration to use the W2008 server as the RADIUS authentication? Further, in using RADIUS as the authentication method, how did you create or link authorized user accounts to the RADIUS server?

Also of importantance, what client program are you using to connect to the wireless access point and does that support RADIUS authentication?

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the setup...

by acampbell In reply to humm so what's the whole ...

The client (as is see this working) connects to the Access Point. Yes, the access point is configured to to use radius. the radius is configured to look to our Active Directory for authorized users.

On the client machine I am using windows built in client on a xp machine.

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sounds like the RADIUS server isn't authenticating

by CG IT In reply to the setup...

the user name and password.

just for the sake of it, might try using the wireless card utility instead of the windows wireless utility.

and how do you have that setup? if your trying to use certificates, I'd suggest you don't until you get the RADIUS to authenticate a user name and password first and allow a connection.

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RADIUS server isn't authenticating

by acampbell In reply to sounds like the RADIUS se ...

Yes, I am trying to use a client certificate.

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personally I wouldn't use a CA authority

by CG IT In reply to RADIUS server isn't authe ...

If your an Active Directory environment, I'd use that first, and get it to work, before introducing certificates. Especially self signed certificates on a windows platform.

I've never gotten a Windows based self signed CA authority/server to work reliably.

just my 2 cents.

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CA Authority

by acampbell In reply to personally I wouldn't use ...

Thanks for the input. I an defiantly open to suggestions. Anything to get this project up and working and off my list.

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by dgoldsmith In reply to Help creating a radius se ...

First, you need to make sure that your radius server is setup correctly.

1. on your NPS server (WINDOWS 200 you need to setup RADIUS and choose 802.1x for wireless networking. There will be a setup wizard on the windows server 2008 server that will walk you through the server setup. On the server side you will what to establish a shared secret which your router would use. You wireless router would be the "RADIUS CLIENT". When a user attempts to access your network they would be forwarded to your "RADIUS SERVER". First, Start configuring your radius server and then make sure that your wireless router is configured for radius.

check out this document**/How-To-Set-Up-an-Internal-RADIUS-Server-Part-1.htm

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radius server

by acampbell In reply to RADIUS SERVER

Thank you, I will review the document and see where it leads.

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