HELP deleted my hard drive but have no recovery cd.

By baky369 ·
hi i'v recently reformatted my computer thinking my os drivers would be on my windows disk but there not. how can i instal the drivers for my chipset,cpu,audio,ati graphics etc.when i boot i can get on the bios screen but if i leave it boot it just comes up a message saying insert system setup diskette and press enter but there is no floppy drive on my computer.computer specs.

acer aspire t180-oa7z desktop
ati sempron 3000+
hitachi dvd rw dual layer

i'v been on the acer website and downloaded all the drivers for my make and model how would i go about installing these on my computer hard drive??

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Did you

by w2ktechman In reply to HELP deleted my hard driv ...

try installing the OS again? If it will not install, it will ask about drivers, they can be loaded at that time. Then the install continues.

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Hopefully you haven't formatted the Recovery Partition ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to HELP deleted my hard driv ...

Acer systems (usually laptops but the desktops have it too) come with a Recovery Partition hidden on the hard drive. That may explain why you have no CD.

As soon as the system powers up, DO NOT HANG AROUND HERE press the F10 key and it will (hopefully) take you into the Recovery Partition which will reinstall your operating system back to what is called Factory Condition.

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thanks for the replys

by baky369 In reply to Hopefully you haven't for ...

thanks for the fast replies i'v tried installing the windows disc several times with no luck and just tried pressing f10 but nothing. so looks like iv deleted the recovery partition also. would it be possible to remove the hard drive and fit it on another computer as a secondary hard drive then instal all the drivers i got from the acer website onto the secondary hard drive?

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You're getting slightly confused now - as indeed am I ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to thanks for the replys

Your saying you've had no luck trying to install the 'Windows Disc' - so does that mean you've GOT a Windows Install disc?

If you have a Windows Installation disc, you should be BOOTING with the disc in the optical drive, it might not work if you insert it into the drive after you have powered up.

Try putting the disc in the drive, leaving it there, then restart your machine.

As for the drive being used as a slave in another machine - if you do that you won't need the drivers that you've downloaded anyway because the disc will just be a storage unit in this other computer. It won't have any operating system of its own.

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i'v got a windows disc

by baky369 In reply to You're getting slightly c ...

yes i'v got a windows instal disc but its one i purchased separetly. when i run the disc from boot it checks all necessary files then say starting windows setup then get a ntdll.dll error

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when it starts up

by w2ktechman In reply to i'v got a windows disc

it will ask (across the bottom) to press a button to install drivers. Likely the problem is that you need to install the SATA drivers before you can install the system. XP cannot use the hard drive at this point in time, so you may receive this error.

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Have you got the Acer Recovery Disc or

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HELP deleted my hard driv ...

Does this System have a Recovery Partition on the HDD?

Depending on what you have here you may need to contact Acer and buy a Recovery Set for this System or provided that you have not used a Wiping Utility like Boot & Nuke or Kill Disc you may be able to use the Recovery Partition to reload the system. The Windows Disc needs to be used none the less to load the Base OS and then you can install the Drivers that you have Downloaded. Just make sure to install any Realtech Drivers before you log onto the Windows Update Servers or things like the Audio will not work.


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by baky369 In reply to Have you got the Acer Rec ...

i'v deleted the recovery partition how would i go about installing the drivers?

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You need to install the OS before the Drivers

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to thnxs

So unless you have something like a SATA HDD that isn't supported by the BIOS and you need to use the F6 Key Option I would be looking at Slipstreaming a Install Disc with the required Drivers with nLite available here


Don't forget the read the Directions on their Web Site located here though



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by patb071 In reply to HELP deleted my hard driv ...

Forget about the drivers for now. You need to worry about installing Windows. Can you get into the bios? There is an option in there to disable SATA you will need to do that. Then you should be able to install windows without a problem.

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