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    by rtewari ·

    I am doing a research paper on setting and implementing a helpdesk.the senario is as follows.
    It is alarge multinational company.
    Over 5000 workers on line.
    To use the latest tech.
    What are some of the problems supporting a structure like this?

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      by carlos.nino ·

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      by pr0x1 ·

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      If the first link doesn’t help… ther eare MANY other sites you can go to for this answer. I suggest checking out a methodology for setting up something like this. Using standards from the Help Desk Institute (, the IT Infrastructure Library ( and even Microsoft Solutions/Operations framework aka MOF and other MS bp’s(

      Otherwise, your question is very broad. For my company, being a solutions architect, it is never a problem with People or Technology. You can always find the right people to support your service desk, and can always buy a technology/tool to support your service, its the PROCESS that is the most critical as this is dependent on the uniqueness of the client environment. I’m more concerned on Business Requirements (which are usually uk-known), and metrics/SLO’s that are required to determine performance.

      Key questions to ask for a high level CAll center include:
      – Number of calls per month (usually 1.25 calls per user)
      – Average handle time in minutes (always dependent on the type of service offered and common call types – can be coupled with Time to Resolution – TTR)
      – number of resources available for LEvel 0, 1, and possible 2 pending how you setup the “Help” desk.

      Problems in setting up a Help Desk usually stem form the business community not knowing what they need. THis is why I’m hired, to figure this out and creat a service design. The biuggest problem I’ve seen is that clients do not seperate IT Services from IT Support. I can go into greater detail, but dont want to since your question is very broad.

      I’d start with the Help Desk Institute. Make sure to check out their Practice Surveys… that will give you all you need for Help Desk Statistics.

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      by dmiles ·

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      Use Tech Republic and use the articles and downloads on Help Desk

      Use Search in the upper right corner,type in Help Desk,the next box should have Tech Republic,click Go

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