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By daonlygurl ·
Hi im creating a help desk database, could anyone give me ideas on what should be in the database?

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help desk

by TheChas In reply to help desk

On the assumption that this is for a single business or organization, here are a few suggestions:

System configurations for all supported PCs.

Printer setup codes.

File permissions

E-mail settings

Solutions to common problems.

Then, start expanding the database.

Track user questions and create additional answers to new common questions.
Track hardware issues to help define when it is time to replace a PC. This will also help you notice trends in hardware failures so you can decide who provides the most reliable hardware.


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help desk

by infopoint In reply to help desk

Is the purpose of the database to support the user, the hardware, the software, the organisation ? Think about this. The following comments refer more to internal support of the business rather than a helpdesk supporting remote software users.

Really large organisations physically label each piece of hardware with a unique asset number to identify it and then record the necessary details for that item. Some tie it in to a desk number ( and maybe a telephone ) rather than a user, especially in situations where "hot desking" takes place. If a piece of kit goes down, it's easy to identify from the database rather than ask the user what the hardware is.

Are you wanting to know complete software contents of a pc/laptop/server ? You wouldbe amazed just how much storage space a full list of all programs on all pcs take up. There are (expensive) programs which can scan the entire contents of a pc very quickly and they will detail all hardware at the same time.

Knowing what softwarea firm has can greatly aid software license compliance, highlight all those pcs needing to be upgraded ( software and hardware ), etc.

If the purpose of the exercise is simply to add value to a small firm by knowing who has what, then a full blown infrastructure/asset management methods and techniques are probably more than is needed. Only you will know where to draw the line. So as much as pragmatic creation and initial requirements is a good place to start, try to consider the bigger picture earlier rather than sooner. Talk to the stakeholders of this project and try to establish a win-win scenario for all involved - and don't forget to put the plan in writing so you have a specification for all to see and for you to work from. Good luck.

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