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I am looking for some convincing arguments to support my position that managment spend the money to improve my helpdesk.

My Situation:
I work in a Regional Helpdesk supporting many different countries and servides.

My organization is set up with this Tier 1 HelpDesk to resolve as many call as possible, then anythign not resolved is turned over to "back shops" that are organized into different groups based on specialty to resolve.

I currently have about 24 personal on the help desk which is manned 24/7/365 without 3-8 personnel on the job at any one time. Turnover times are more hectic as there is a little overlap which leads to 12-15 people in the room during that period.

My organization is upgrading our server farm, both equipment wise as well as facilities.

My Request:
I am looking for anything in writing, (Case Studies, Recomendations, whatever), that I can use to sell management on the idea of not only providing a larger space, but also upgrading our equipment, desks, and so on. There is currently no space for personal stuff, no local library room, wall space is limited for monitoring displays and so on.

Any help would be greatly appreicated.

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