Help Desk Chatroom Client - Any Suggestions?

By thepaulmorris ·
Good afternoon TR! Long time reader, first time poster. I am a Help Desk manager of an 18 person desk, in an XP environment. Some discussions came up that the communication between the team here is not as open as some may think or even realize. When I say communication I am referring to peers asking each other for help or "Hey have you seen this issue before?" type questions and I believe that this may be because of the fact that we may not have the most valuable tool in place for them to use. The current company-wide communication client is Office Communicator 2005. What I am looking for is a tool that is almost like a chat room where it is instant and if one of my analysts receive a call on an issue, instead of "rubber stamping" it and escalating it, maybe they can jump into the chat room and send out a message that says hey I have a customer on the phone with this issue, any one seen this, or anyone else getting these types of calls. Office Communicator allows for "Group Chats" but if the person who starts it, closes the window the conversation is over, or if someone accidentally closes a window they have to be re-invited to the conversation.

So my overall question is what kind of solutions might you be able to provide for this type of problem? Cost is an issue in this economic time, unfortunately, "outside of the box" thinking is more than welcome.

Thank you all in advance!


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Did you ever get a reply to your question?

by mikelgiles In reply to Help Desk Chatroom Client ...

I am also looking for something similiar. We are a 5 person support team located in different cities. We use Yahoo conferences but like you said, if you close the window and return, you loose all the history. I think we could work with a conference if it was a static thing.

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