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Help Desk Level3

By michaeljsimpson ·
I was recently asked what my job function was. My title is "IT Infrastructure Analyst" ... sounds like I read spreadsheets and get coffee for the REAL IT guys.

I responded with "think of level 3 Help Desk". Ive been thinking about that response and wondered...What would you say the skillset of a true level 3 help desk technician should be?

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I'm not aware of different levels of help desk

by stress junkie In reply to Help Desk Level3

Level 1 = help desk

Level 2 = average system administrator or pc tech

Level 3 = guru

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by zlitocook In reply to I'm not aware of differen ...

Has four levels
1. Helpdesk = first level, spend hours on the phone and get no where.
2. Helpdesk = second level, asks the same questions, still spend hours on the phone
3. Helpdesk = third level, the guy makes you feel stupid and asks why did they send you to me?
4. Held desk = level four, deskside support, a guy comes to your desk shakes his head fixes it and leaves. Under his breath he says stupid helpdesk.

I know I was a contractor for them, guess which one?

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Okay. I'll grant you that.

by stress junkie In reply to Microsoft

I love those definitions.

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Level three versus other levels

by JamesRL In reply to Help Desk Level3

I have some level threes in my group. We support external customers. My group is actually part of R&amp not the support group.

My level threes are subject matter experts in a specific area. In my case we certify the hardware, create the OS images, understand the networking. So when the front line can't resolve a problem, they work with their level 2. When the level 2 gets stuck on an issue in our area (OS/HW/Networks) they escalate up. Generally we don't work directly with the customer unless necessary, and we don't handle the ongoing communications with the customer as to status. We focus on the technical issue.

An IT infrastructure analyst would be someone dedicated to analyzing and improving the infrastructure.


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IT Infrastructure Analyst? Who came up with that?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Help Desk Level3

If you ask me what an IT Infrastructure Analyst is, I would say it is someone with at least a Cisco CCNP certification and over 5 years experience designing and building multi-layered Cisco networks. Helpdesk is helpdesk and as far as IT is concerned, level 3 support are the engineers who are the last to be contacted, short of the actual vendor, if a problem needs to be escalated that high up. I love it how these clueless HR departments come up with these fancy titles, yet don't fully understand the true meanings of "Infrastructure Analyst" or "Data Entry Specialist". To them, we are all "programmers" even if we have nothing to do with actually writing a single piece of code in our entire careers. I'm not meaning to knock on you, but you should be careful with titles and how others may perceive or interpret your job functions if your title makes you appear higher than you really are.

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Good question

by michaeljsimpson In reply to IT Infrastructure Analyst ...

I think its pretty clear that I shouldnt use the title on my resume.. but I wondered the same thing when I recently found out what my official title was.

Oh... and I didnt think you were knocking ME... Im just a geek. In fact for my last birthday my wife bought me a Red Swingline Stapler.... everybody tried to tell her that a stapler isnt a present. One of the best presents I ever got.

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LMAO...Get me a cross-cut paper shredder for my bday and I will be extatic

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Good question

I have way too much paper and other crap on my desk that needs to be shredded.

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Milt, We're going to move you to storage

by Navy Moose In reply to Good question

Milt, we're gonna need to go ahead and move you downstairs into storage B. We have some new people coming in, and we need all the space we can get. So if you could go ahead and pack up your stuff and move it down there, that would be terrific, OK?

That is a pretty funny gift.


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A wild Friday night...

by Maevinn In reply to Good question

Title at a previous job was Information Technology Technician, currently I'm a Client Support Administrator. When people ask what I do, I say I'm the computer geek that makes things work.

My husband and I joke about our wild Friday nights--we end up closing down the local office supply store. My office mates tease me for being an office equipment snob, but they are constantly borrowing my stapler, 3-hole punch, scissors, etc.

I feel your pain. :)

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by Tig2 In reply to A wild Friday night...

Someone who understands my office supply fixation!

Partner won't let me go into Office Max all by myself. I walk in and bleed money. Not good! I have a special fondness for pens- particularly gel pens. I have them in colours that don't have names...

Scissors are next on my list followed by paper (love Post-Its!), rulers, and label makers...

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