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Help Desk Name Change ?

By phoward ·
I have been in Management of Help Desks for quite some time now, long enough to know the stigmatism that the words Help Desk has (Helpless Desk) etc. etc. We are in the process of forming our Help Desks around the world GLOBALLY, and I thought a name change would be inline, but after starting a discussion on our INtranet, I am finding that people (In IT Help Desks), would rather just keep Help Desk. Anyone have any opinions on this ?

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Name Change

by dbgirl In reply to Help Desk Name Change ?

As a person in an IT help desk, I think it would be a great idea to change the name. I don't know if this helps, but I have seen some places that use the name 'Information Services Support'. This also may clear up some misconceptions regarding exactly what the Help Desk helps with.

The flip side of this is that users are used to calling the Help Desk for computer related problems.

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Name change

by geekchic In reply to Name Change

My department name was Information Services Help Center. We used the Help Center title for awhile but people kept confusing us with the local "Help Center" for the unemployed and/or homeless in our area and I received all kinds of interesting calls. I work at a college and students would hear others talking about the "help center" and call our switchboard and asked to be transferred thinking they could apply for assistance.

We recently changed the department name to "Training and User Support" which technically works better but the users still refer to us as the "Help Desk" and I am still getting "Help Center" calls once in a while. But now when someone asks to be transferred to the "Help Center" the operator asks questions to assure they are getting the department that they want!

And while I am on that subject, we are listed under Information Services in the phone book under the college name and constantly get calls from people thinking that we are the college "information" service. I tried to get the big guy to change the name in the phone book to maybe "information Tech" but haven't gotten anywhere on that one yet.

Keeps things from getting boring! Good luck with your name change!

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