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By HDGuy ·
I'm looking for a good resource for a Help Desk project plan. I've done many searches on the net, but most aren't helpful. We have 4 weeks to setup our HelpDesk. ANyone have a project plan they'd like to share?


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by NI70 In reply to Help Desk Planning


Have you searched or Both are open source software project sites. I've set up phpHelpdesk, but it's quite dated and hasn't been worked on in a few years. There's also project planning stuff that I haven't really looked at.

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There and Doing That Too

by psbkp In reply to

For the past five years, in our orgainization I was the lone Network Admin/Help Desk support person/Telecommunications person... You get the picture. I have always just used spread sheets to track problems, software installs, etc.

We have added an "Assistant Network Admin" to the staff - he is mainly going to be help desk and a backup for my position. We have built a simple access database with a form/page to enter the data on for help desk tickets, work orders, etc. We are going to start utilizing that process in a coulple of weeks.

However, I would love to hear of some additional sources for helpdesk. We are growing fast enough right now, that we are considering adding another person to our staff.

My organization is a financial services org - banking, insurance, and investments. In addition to any help desk resources, could anyone tell me what the ratio of help desk staff to end users is for this type of business?

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by WayneNZhang In reply to There and Doing That Too

Mantis is a good solution for issue tracking, open source and no cost

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Any luck on finding anything?

by NI70 In reply to Help Desk Planning


Was just curious if you've found anything.

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Are you wanting something free or $$

by OUfan In reply to Any luck on finding anyth ...

Free: Access database is cheap and easy way. drawback is growth and maintenance.
If your familiar with IIS or Apache I would suggest building an web server and hosting PHPhelpdesk which can be found on I have used this a couple times when looking for some design idea's.
MyHelpDesk is anothe PHP/MySQL driven platform.
$$$: I really suggest only one, AssetNavigator I have used this on about 5 projects and after testing 5-6 Asset managment systems and helpdesk solutions this one was pretty above. Its abotu 3.00 a seat. It it configured to track changes on users machines create asset tags for them. attach vendor information, leasing info, and has a full web based helpdesk solution that is web based or software based your choice. It tracks problomatic users and/or machines. Big or small operation this software works really good and is great at the end of year for inventory. Id be glad to get you some help if you wanna message me offline. Good Luck.

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Help Desk?

by mooks In reply to Help Desk Planning

Could you be more specific on what types of information you look for? Is it about how to setup a help desk system?

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