Help Desk Recommendation for 300 user company (internal users only)

By alanb ·
I am looking to replace our ancient Help Desk software with something that better fits our needs at a resonable price.
* Windows based
* Defineable user & technician access
* Email & Web interface for problem input
* Ability for users to update work orders
* auto/simple email to user as workorders are updated/completed.
* ability to reassign & prioritize requests
* Knowledgebase, accessible by users.

Are you using software you would recommend, or are there features you LOVE that are not listed?

thanks in advance,
Alan Brown

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Couple of suggestions...

by doyle.jack In reply to Help Desk Recommendation ...

I have a couple of suggestions. My top choice, though, one that I used and LOVED, is not run on Windows, though (I believe it is possible to rig it to, though). It is called OTRS ( It will do everything that you have asked, but there is a learning curve as far as setting it up and maintaining it goes.

Another suggestion is Cerberus Helpdesk ( I believe it also runs on Linux, and I have NOT tried that one out. But it looks like one that I would like.

Both of them have online demos for you to try them out. The first, OTRS, is completely free. I believe Cerberus is free if you only set up one incoming email address.

A windows-based one, that I looked at some time back, is called Liberum ( It looks fairly decent, but I'm not sure if it will do everything you are wanting as far as incoming emails goes.

Hope this helps.

Jack Doyle, Systems Engineer
ScriptLogic Corporation

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Help Desk Software.

by 1bn0 In reply to Help Desk Recommendation ...

Define Reasonable Price!

I use Liberum here at work. Works O.K. but pretty basic. Just Help Desk nothing else. One feature is it can be run from an Access MDB file. Keeps data backup simple, just back up the MDB file. Apparently thats why they installed it.

I've been looking at open source / free options for some time.

One package I liked the look of was IRM Information Resource Manager.
Helpdesk and Assett Tracking.

I recently installed glpi
using WAMP5 (Windows,Apache,MYSqlPHP5) package on my XPP Desktop.

"GLPI is the Information Resource-Manager with an additional Administration- Interface"

Installed WAMP5 then ran glpi install against.

I'm really not into SQL server or PHP stuff.
But I do know its running and I can access it as it stand. This setup wasjust to test the software and features.

Not completely polished but may be suitable for your needs.

As far as commercial software goes, everything I have looked at is either not comprehensive or is really designed for much bigger networks with a corpesponding price tag.

Hope this information is of use/interest to you.

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by Pringles86 In reply to Help Desk Recommendation ...

I just purchased Adventnet ServiceDesk Plus. ( It has everything you have listed there. It also has the ability to scan workstations for all of the software/hardware that is installed, import users from AD, customize an alias URL, and many other things.

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