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By debdixon03 ·
I worked as a help desk technician in a tri-state area call center.I assisted customers with their e-mail and internet connectivity issues. We used remedy and other propertiery databases.The question is how do I add this to my resume?What words would I use? Any help would be resourceful.

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Some thoughts

by Oldefar In reply to Help Desk Resume

I suggest emphasising the what - provided email and internet connectivity problem resolution to various users. Don't worry about the tools.

Where specific tools, applications, devices, protocols, etc make a difference is when submitting to an automated resume picker. Here you want to include any and every relevent term to improve the chances of your resume reaching a person. That first person is typically a screener, and has little clue about the specifics. However, this person is the gatekeeper for the all important interview step.

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Resume information

by CallCtrMgr In reply to Some thoughts

I agree with the other people that have given feedback. I would also suggest detailing approx. how many calls a day you took; first call resolution rate and other important CC metrix if yours were very positive.

I would also focus on what if anything you did that would set you apart from people you worked with, for example: did you work on any special projects; did you train other members of your group; did you help create and do anything to help reduce the number of calls from customers; etc. This shows something special, not just a call taker. I would suggest maybe having 80% the type of calls that you did and what tools you used and complexity of calls, and use the additional 20% to sell yourself as being something different/special.

Good luck!

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Keywords Count

by jerrylee In reply to Help Desk Resume

As the other person who replied stated, the use of keywords will get your resume past the front door and into the pile for interview selection. Read the job posting carefully and tailor your resume to it. If the posting is generic it won't hurt to list specific applications (and how you used them), especially if they are common (like remedy).

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