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Help Desk/Service Management Software: Hornbill

By dsnethen ·
Anyone using Hornbill Supportworks for their Help Desk/Service Desk IT Service Management tool suite?
If so, how has it performed?
Did it meet your expectations?
How was the development and implementation? How "out of the box" was it?
How long did it take to implement/go-live?

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Hornbill Email

by marilyn.curzon In reply to Help Desk/Service Managem ...

Hornbill definitely prove a challenge on their email set up (not the supportworks internal email) but with the external emails - pop3 works OK but they face problems whith IMAP/ SMTP.
The system is having problems logging calls from external email addresses and if the email sender is not already in the system is causes problems.
This must be an oversight as many helpdesks recieve emails from unknown sources ....

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by marilyn.curzon In reply to Help Desk/Service Managem ...

Will post a review once we have started using the system LIVE. Our UAT is due next week. Thanks

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Supportworks software

by techrepublic In reply to Help Desk/Service Managem ...

You may well be disappointed with this package. In order to obtain ITIL compatibility you will be charged another $20k on top of the package price. They have yet to solve a call logging date bug, despite knowing about this for 2 years, and their support is very poor.

I also hear that they have fallen out with their user group in the UK with the leader of the user group stepping down.

There are better products out there, so shop about and make sure that if you visit a reference site you visit one that has moved from one support system to another.

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Supportworks user

by rowittek In reply to Supportworks software

Supportworks implemented here 3 monts ago.
As one primarily on the receiving end of infrequent and simple requests, I find Supportworks non-intuitive and confusing, even after training; which dealt too much with "click on this, click on that", and not enough with the overall product structure, philosophy, and weaknesses. Assuming you don't have to reroute the call ( email ), you've got to find a call, log a call, accept a call, resolve a call, close a call - too much overhead for a password reset.

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multi tenant

by Tam.wayne In reply to Help Desk/Service Managem ...

Supportworks works well, however there are issues with the data filteration from the multipe outsourced companies in queries. cannot expand the value and does not work.

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SupportWorks - up-to-date

by ReneeMineart In reply to Help Desk/Service Managem ...

Hi everyone, an interesting thread, although a bit outdated in some areas.

Supportworks has come a long way since some of these comments, and I believe it has made some significant improvements. I'm a Consultant Service Desk manager by trade, and have worked for a number of organisations, and used a range of tools on the market - Supportworks, Marval, Remedy, Heat, etc. I will admit, Hornbill Supportworks isn't perfect. But of all the tools I've used, I found it to be the best.

Sure, it has a few short comings. I think they could do a bit to cut down on some of the mouse clicking for instance, and simplify a few aspects. Although, from what I understand, even this is in the development pipeline. That said, the advantages it offers over other tools I've used, is more than worth it!

The management of email has worked really well in both of the two organisations where I set up Supportworks. And they have moved out of pop3 a long time ago, and it now fully supports, and is easily configurable with Exchange Server. It also has a quick-log-call feature, where the essential information of common calls, such as resetting passwords, can be saved. When a reset password request comes in, all one has to do is enter the user name, click 'Log and Resolve', and job done. The call is logged, resolved, and a fully formed email is sent to the customer with the call details.

I don't know what their support was like 5 or 6 years ago, but one of the reasons I like Hornbill so much today is because they provide outstanding customer support. They also hold annual User Groups conventions to help ensure a good and open communication with their customers.

Yes, there is a large number of service management tools on the market. Many are ITIL based, just as the latest releases of Supportworks are. But for my money, I don't ever want another tool running on my desktop.

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