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Help desk Support procedures Flowchart

By Tito Ortiz ·
I'm looking for a flowchart or procedure on normal business practices, on how work should flow thru our helpdesk support. In short, our help desk get calls and they direct them to whom they think is the person that might best handle the problem of the user. When this person gets this request, he/she would call the user having the problem, from the details, he/she decides that it should go to another tech. This problem could have been fixed in 3 to 4 minutes, now it has taken 3 to 4 hours beforeit get to the right tech. Can someone please help, we need to educate our helpdesk support.

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Help desk Support procedures Flowchart

by Oldefar In reply to Help desk Support procedu ...

It isn't as simple as a flowchart or business process, Tito. Factors that come into play include the skill level of users, their willingness or desire to resolve a problem with phone support, a knowledge base for help desk personnel, trouble ticketing process (reported and discoverd), trouble ticketing system, technical feedback loop, and user satisfaction feedback loop.

Basic help desk flow for a user call is -
1) user identification, location identification, and problem report (symptoms), time stamp, trouble report created
2) help desk review against knowledge base
3) resolved using knowledge base, go to 7
4) unresolved, escalate per knowledge base - assign to appropriate tech level.
5) follow up at scheduled intervals, escalate to management if timers exceeded
6) receive resolution detail from assigned tech
7) close trouble
user satisfaction response

Outside of the basic flow you have issues such as automated trouble discovery (system alarms), scheduled work (newinstallations, system maintenance), open trouble correlation (20 calls due to link be down or a server crashed), trend analysis for updating the knowledge base and expanding the types of calls the help desk has the necessary data to resolve, script writing to assist help desk in both gathering info and resolving problems, and the tools used (paper process, online, integrated, etc.).

There are also the metrics to apply against performance - not just saying they are needed but deciding which are important to your business objectives, when they are accomplished, and how they are used, updated, and replaced over time.

You reach me from my peer listing if you wish to discuss this in detail.

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