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By DonHill ·
Hi everyone,

I have a dilemma that I need to find a solution to. I part own and work at a company that sells printers and scanners. We???ve been coping with our support using outlook and a bit of effort. But it has now reached the point where we spend more time sorting out email than we do resolving customer queries. Some of you must have had this same issue and figured out the best solution for it?

I???ve never worked with a help desk system before so I???m somewhat skittish to just jump into a complex and expensive system that might take ages to configure. I just need something that can handle emails better and give me better feedback on how old the email is, and who has responded to it (like an action log). It would also be good if it could sort emails based on different email addresses.

Currently it is me and 3 other guys who are taking care of the support. We need clear visibility over who is handling what query.

I don???t mind paying, I just want something that is quick to implement and easy enough to use and gives us a better way to track and manage support requests.

Your responses are much appreciated!

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It isn't impossible

by Tigger_Two In reply to HELP DESK SYSTEM NEEDED

That Outlook and a different customer interface could solve your problem.

Without knowing how your email comes in, it seems that an auto generated subject header could help immeasurably with inflow. That way you know if a customer is looking for a new device or is having issues with an existing one.

Assuming that you have a web interface between you and the customer, subjects could be auto generated and provide a sort criteria. It could also provide some traffic flow- Don always handles X issues so if an email comes in for X, Don will see/handle it first.

A common electronic "whiteboard" could be a great help for communicating what is in progress and what the status is.

The help desk software that I have knowledge and experience of is great if you have a large company or campus. It is overkill for the scenario you describe. That said, there are web based tools that would give you what you want and range from free to reasonable.

Without a better understanding of your workflow and needs, I'm really unsure of what to recommend.

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Helpdesk on the cloud

by rahulvsd In reply to HELP DESK SYSTEM NEEDED

Hi DonHill,

I completely understand how difficult it is to cope with large volumes of support requests using Outlook. I would invite you to try out our helpdesk solution - HappyFox (http://happyfox.com). HappyFox is hosted on the cloud and is known for its clean interface and easy workflow. HappyFox suits your requirements of assigning support requests to different members of the team. I would advise you to take a 15 day free trial to know more on how the product could help you manage your customer support better.

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Helpdesk suggestion

by PirateNana In reply to HELP DESK SYSTEM NEEDED

As a one-person IT shop, it was difficult to keep track of the requests from 15 separate locations and 100+ users. I find that a free piece of software called SpiceWorks fills our organization's needs nicely. It bundles help desk software, network monitoring, inventory tools, RFP, and participation in an online community of IT pros (much like Tech Republic).

When a user submits a request for help via email, SpiceWorks automatically logs the request into the help desk and replies to the user with their ticket number. The job can then be assigned to any person on the support team, and away you go!

Give it a try. It costs you nothing but five minutes of your time to customize it and it might be just what you need: http://www.spiceworks.com/

Best of luck to you!

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I've used Request Tracker successfully

by Charles Bundy In reply to HELP DESK SYSTEM NEEDED


It's open source with no license/user demands (such as spiceworks targeted advertising.) I will say that the SLA/reporting depends on training wrt open/close usage. One guy liked to update RT once a day (kept everything on paper.) Looked like everything he did was a 30 second fix :)

Good luck!

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HelpDesk Software

by younga In reply to HELP DESK SYSTEM NEEDED

Look at SYSAid, relatively inexpensive, Fully ITIL compliant does a lot more than just tickets, asset management, Change Control tracking, Project Tracking, polling using WMI and SNMP.

I use and love it.

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Cherwell Software


11 pink verified ITIL processes out of the box, web based SaaS Solution,licensed or hosted, build non-ITSM custom applications on the same platform and is affordable.

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+1 for Spiceworks

by alexdav1801 In reply to HELP DESK SYSTEM NEEDED

Spiceworks is a great tool for inventory management, purchase management and error management, but its helpdesk system is great too. You can have incoming emails pushed straight to spiceworks to create a helpdesk ticket, you can either auto or manually assign tickets to a worker, keep the end user informed about ticket progress by adding comments to it in spiceworks and also you can create a user portal (through wizards) that is all web based, so people can go to the website address and add their own helpdesk tickets without the need to email!

Anyone in the helpdesk can have a number of email notifications, including ticket creationg, ticket comments and ticket closures AND best of all its COMPLETELY FREE!! My advice would be, use it first - purely because it gets you used to a helpdesk system, is a basic install with no helpdesk setup needed and if you don't like it you've lost no money. If you do like it however then either continue to use it or if you'd like to try something else at least you've got a jist of whats gonig on

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Set Up Helpdesk System With Cloud Based Helpdesk Software

by wang1990 In reply to HELP DESK SYSTEM NEEDED

Cloud-based helpdesk software is widely-used, in iKode helpdesk server, there are five languages that customers can selected, they are English, Russian, German and French, Magyar, Chinese. Set up your helpdesk sytem with iKode Helpdesk - Cloud Based Helpdesk Software.

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