HELP !!! Dimension 5150 Will not detect Windows XP Disk !!!!

By r_rattu ·
hey all,
my computer just crashed and i wanted to do a reboot using my Windows XP disk Which i got with i bought my destop, but when i it placed the Disk in to the Drive, the computer would not detect the Disk, and therefore not run,
i then went in to the BIOS configuration to set the CD as the Boot Priority, But still no luck in getting the Destop to detect and Run My Windows XP Disk,
i thought that i had a faulty disk or CD drive , so i placed My Windows XP Disk in to my sister laptop and it worked fine !! even when i did a reboot that that laptop just to make sure. And i put another software CD in to my Desktop just to make sure that my Disk Drive was ok, and it worked fine,
So i have no Idea and Clue why my Dimension 5150 will not detect and will no run my Windows XP disk,
need help guys, need to use my windows XP disk to repair my boot files and get my work of it
any help

cheers rav,

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Did you press the Any Key?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to HELP !!! Dimension 5150 W ...

Often, when booting to CD, there is text on the screen which says something like "To continue booting to CD, press a key" and it has a timer running. If you don't see the text because it's behind the DELL logo, the timer will expire and it will continue to try and boot to the next item in the boot list, often the hard drive.

So, with the XP CD in the drive, turn the system on. Shortly after you turn the system on, try pressing any key except the one which enters the BIOS, like maybe an arrow key or the spacebar... maybe even multiple times while it's booting.

See if that solves the problem.

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by r_rattu In reply to Did you press the Any Key ...

nope, nothing and even when i get in to safe mode, and put the XP disk in the drive, it still will not detect the Disk, i just

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do you have a cdrom drive? (not just DVD)

by Snuffy09 In reply to nope

if your drive is just a DVD drive you could get this problem.

Steal your sisters cdrom drive and the give it back after you have XP installed.

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wish i could...

by r_rattu In reply to do you have a cdrom drive ...

i wish i could, but she has got a laptop, cant really swap the drives around, Can i ?

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CD Drive Not Recognized

by langr In reply to HELP !!! Dimension 5150 W ...

I'm going to assume worst-case: you're unable to configure BIOS to recognize CD drive to boot from Windows CD (first, you may want to try physically disconnecting the drive, then reconnecting).

I've encountered this situation before and wound up removing the hard drive, connecting to another computer (via USB adapter - very handy to have around and only cost about $20), then either transferring the files or running diskcheck to rebuild files/index.

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If your computer does not boot, how did you test another software CD

by robo_dev In reply to HELP !!! Dimension 5150 W ...

in the drive? Did you boot an alternate OS such as Linux?

Just to clarify, you're trying to boot from the XP disk, correct?

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safe mode

by r_rattu In reply to If your computer does not ...

hi, i booted the computer in safe mode, then i placed another software CD in to the drive, it loaded and played the CD, but when i placed my XP Disk in to the drive, it didnt detect it and did nothing

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Boot squence

by p.j.hutchison In reply to safe mode

Sometimes it helps to change the boot sequence by making CDROM the first boot device and disable the rest in the sequence and thus force it to boot from CDROM.

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Is this a copy, or an original?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to safe mode

If the XP disk is being put into the drive of a running machine and it can't be read from there, how do you expect the machine to be able to actually boot from it?

If this is a copied CD, it's probably a bad copy. If this is an original from Microsoft, it's obviously damaged.

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by Snuffy09 In reply to Is this a copy, or an ori ...

his sisters computer can read it

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