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Help-DNS-website access-no email

By MLessard ·
Win2k server AD,DNS,Wins,ect. I have a cable internet connection to a linksys router connected to the network. All has been working fine until yesterday. I was attempting to connect a second server to the network as a RRAS server. After or during this connection process, access the the internet was fine, as long as you did not go to the company web site or use get email. All other sites work fine. In the dns file, i have a host as www=the [ip] address of the web server, and that has worked for almost 2 years.

So I checked everything I could think of, and recheck and rechecked, all looks fine, If I check email and open web site at home, also on the same cable network, its ok.

So i diconnected server 2, no change. removed the cable modem from the router directly connected it to a computer rebooted, got ip,dns,gateway, from ISP. can go to any page on the web except the company one and no email no error messages takes over 3 minutes to load, email times out. If I watch network traffic, it starts stops 1 minute goes by, then start again, 5 secs of info, then stops, starts after a minute and stops. I have cleared the dns cache on the computer, I have logged on not part of the domain, as a local log on, I have logged on as part ofthe domain. no change.

I am totally stumped, any one have any ideas, I figured with the direct connection that would have eliminated the server being the problem, am I wrong? Could I have screwed the dns or wins servers at the ISP. But it works from home. Pinging the site works fine, dns finds the site IP and returns good ping times. Tracert finds no faults.


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Help-DNS-website access-no email

by cwilly66 In reply to Help-DNS-website access-n ...


Do you use static IP's behind the router? If so, make sure there are no conflicts. If not, does your router handle DHCP or does you W2K-AD server, and is it set up properly (reservations)? If you are using DNS behind the router (on your W2K-AD box) make sure you his both the forward and revers lookups set up properly. If you are using port forwarding on the router for email, RRAS, etc., make sure there are no conflicts and it is configured properly on the router. If you are getting "Page not found" error in your browser, I would say that is a DNS issue...on your network, not your ISP's. Your ISP will have DNS for the Internet, in general...even the info to get to you. But, once inside your network, the name resolution is upto you, whether you use a 'hosts' file, WINS or DNS.

Hope this helps.


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Help-DNS-website access-no email

by MLessard In reply to Help-DNS-website access-n ...

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Help-DNS-website access-no email

by MLessard In reply to Help-DNS-website access-n ...

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