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    Help! Dropped My Hard Drive!


    by fantomx ·

    I have an old Hitachi drive in a Mad Dog external enclosure, and recently I’ve been using it a lot to transfer files between computers, so I don’t always have it sitting in a safe place. Anyway, as stupid as I am, I kicked it off my bed onto a tile floor, twice. The first time, I just picked it back up and it worked fine. The second time, it just stopped working. The computer won’t recognize the drive. The light on the front of the enclosure is supposed to turn blue when the drive is ready to be used, but the light just stays purple, like it’s trying to prepare the drive to be used. I tried putting it in a desktop, and the desktop wouldn’t boot past the manufacturer’s logo page.

    However, the weird thing is, the hard drive sounds like it’s spinning normally. There are no noises that weren’t present before. There’s a little grinding noise when the drive first starts spinning, but that’s been happening since I’ve had the drive. After that, it just spins like it normally does.

    What’s wrong with this drive? If it’s dead, that’s not really a big deal, but I would really like the data off of it. I have a lot of movies and TV shows that I wanted to keep. Luckily my music wasn’t on there, but still, it sucks that I may have lost those videos.

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      by fantomx ·

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      I think

      by michael jay ·

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      that it is not just merely dead it is most sincerely dead. Sorry that I don’t have better news but hard drives and impact do not do well together.

      For a price there are some data recovery companies that can bring back your dead.

      Best of luck to you

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      No Guarantees mind you

      by hal 9000 ·

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      But you may be OK depending on how the enclosure landed on the floor it just may have damaged the actual enclosure and not the HDD. I’ve had to replace a couple of Faulty Enclosures so if you switch the HDD out with a Known Good One and it still fails to work correctly the HDD is OK but the control circuity has been damaged to such an extent that it’s no longer working and allowing the HDD to be recognised.

      That should be worth a try.


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