Help! - eMachines T2341 Won't start - Monitor No Signal

By biren_bhatt ·

I have a 4 years old eMachines T2341 with AMD Athalon. It has since last week, suddenly stopped working. When I turn on the power switch from the front, the front LED for the hard drives light up for a few seconds. The CPU fan starts up. RED LED on the MB lights up. Hard disk seems to be spinning. CD/DVD drives open and close. However, the monitor keeps saying No Signal. The PC had died a few months back as well, when I replaced it with a new 350watt PS.

Here are some of things I have tried so far:
1. connected the monitor and the cable with my laptop and the monitor works
2. tried taking out cd/dvd drives, mouse, keyboard connections, etc.
3. Tried swapping the RAMs one at a time
4. and lastly, thinking that the onboard video card is damaged, got a new PCI NVDIA card. Still no signal.

Here are the add-ons I have on the PC, that I am planning to strip out and give a try as well:
- 512 RAM
- Firewire card
- DVD RW drive

* What are the other things I can try?
* Do I have to disable the onboard display to be able to use the PCI card? If so, how to do that since the monitor is not working?
* Any other things, troubleshooting guide..?


Thanks much!


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Old unit- -old problem

by mjd420nova In reply to Help! - eMachines T2341 W ...

This sounds like one of those dislodged insulating washer faults I run into quite a bit on older units. As the units get on in age and go through more hot-cold cycles, the motherboard grows when warm and shrinks when cold and eventually the insulating washers on the underside of the board become dislogded and short the power supply. Most commonly the 5 volt supply takes the hit. Remove the board and look at the standoffs and the mounting points on the board itself, this may reveal the area where it is shorting the power supply. Without the 5 volts, you'll get no startup. The on board video does need to be disabled but you have to get to the BIOS first to do that and without 5 volts you'll never see the display start, on board or plugin.

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Is there a way to confirm?

by biren_bhatt In reply to Old unit- -old problem

Is there a way 'test' the 5 volt supply..? I am not much techie, so may be if you can explain in a novice manner, I can give a try... I would hate to give up on this PC esp.

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Probably Motherboard

by willcomp In reply to Help! - eMachines T2341 W ...

There is a known problem with Bestec PSUs used in eMachines PC of that vintage. A capacitor in the PSU fails catastrophically and usually takes out the motherboard as well. I'd surmise that motherboard was weakened and subsequently failed. Of the ones I've seen, motherboard has no visible signs of damage.

I recommend checking other possibilities just in case it isn't motherboard.

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